环境关心与创新|2021苏黎世联邦理工学院-东南大学 博士生交流论坛

  to be held online  

23rd– 25th April, 2021(24th-25th for forum, 23rd for public lectures of professor)


Symposium Rationale 

Since 1980s, ETH and Southeast University (SEU) have been working in close collaboration on architectural education. The international exchanges have been fruitful, which substantially led to the radical changes in architectural pedagogies nationwide over recent decades.

In 2019, ETH and SEU initiated an international workshop and had the first one that year in Nanjing. The event was intended to be held annually at Nanjing and Zurich in turn, however, it was suspended by the abruption of the COVID-19. This is the second one, scheduled to be a 2-day online event in April.

The symposium is designed to be a platform primarily for young scholars like doctoral students and postdocs, from ETH, SEU, also some other universities, to present and exchange their ideas and researches. Internationally renowned scholars and architects are also invited to introduce the latest advances in their research or in that field, they are also expected to commend on the presentations and give suggestions to researchers of the younger generation.







Prof. Philip Ursprung



Prof. David Leatherbarrow


  Topics and Panels 

Care for the built and non-built environment is a challenge for architecture since its beginnings. Within the framework of the Anthropocene, namely the concept of a geological age induced by the industrialized societies, this challenge has become an urgency. Beyond offering solutions to problems, architecture also makes visible these challenges and gives them a face. It is less about solutions and more about creation and form.


自建筑学创立以来,对建成及非建成环境的关心一直是建筑学面临的挑战。 在人类世,即工业化社会产生的地质时代的概念框架下,这一挑战已刻不容缓。除了提供解决问题的方法,建筑学让这些挑战可见而具象。这不仅是解决方案,更是创造和形式的问题。

Four thematic areas are to be presented over two days of the symposium, with these themes thus also framing the panels:


1. Urban and Landscape Studies

Chairs: Prof. Teresa Gali-Izard (ETH)

           Prof. DONG Wei (SEU)

Landscape architecture is a rapidly growing field within the realm of architecture. Which are current trends in environmental care, and where is the space for creativity?

Doc students and Young Scholars:

ETH: Johanna Just, Faiq Mari, Metaxia Markaki

SEU: GAO Shuqi, ZHOU Haifei, SUN Tianzhi


1. 城市与景观研究

论坛主持:Teresa Gali-Izard教授(ETH


景观建筑是一个在大建筑学领域内发展飞速的学科。“环境关心”在当前的研究趋势是什么?创新的空间何在?博士生和青年学者:ETH: Johanna Just, Faiq Mari, Metaxia MarkakiSEU: 高舒琦,周海飞,孙天志


2. Architectural Design

Chairs:  Prof. Nina Zschocke (ETH)

              Prof. SHI Yonggao (SEU)

Well-being depends in large parts on building design. Health, and care are key issues for designers. What does an architecture of care look like? How does creativity affect our well-being?

Doc students and Young Scholars:

ETH: Galaad van Daelen, Susanne Hefti, Ciro Miguel

SEU: ZHANG Yingle, PEI Zhao, SHOU Tao


2. 建筑设计

论坛主持:Nina Zschocke教授(ETH




ETH: Galaad van Daelen, Susanne Hefti, Ciro Miguel



3. Technology

Chairs:  Prof. Ludger Hovestadt (ETH)

            Prof. LI Biao (SEU)

From being opposed poles, technology and environmental care have become closely intertwined. How does creativity shape our understanding of technology?

Doc students and Young Scholars:

ETH: Patrick Bedarf, Miro Roman, Guo Zifeng 

SEU: LIU Yige, WANG Xiao, YU Zhenya


3. 建筑技术

论坛主持:Ludger Hovestadt教授(ETH




ETH: Patrick Bedarf, Miro Roman, Guo Zifeng

SEU: 刘一歌,王笑,於振亚


4. Architectural Theory and History

Chairs:  Prof. Irina Davodovici (ETH)

             Prof. LI Hua (SEU)

Care is a key concept among current theoretical debates. How has the notion changed during the last centuries? How does it relate to the notion of creativity?

Doc students and Young Scholars:

ETH: Helene Romakin, Yiqiu Liu, Lydia Xenogala

SEU: WANG Chuan, LI Mai, LIANG Jing

4. 建筑理论和历史

论坛主持:Irina Davodovici教授(ETH




ETH: Helene Romakin, Yiqiu Liu, Lydia Xenogala

SEU: 王川,李劢,梁静

Schedule  日程 

Process of each panel 

3 hours for each panel. 15 minutes for each of 6 students (3 from ETH, 3 from SEU). 25 minutes for each of the chair professors. 30 minutes for discussion, critic. left for ceremony and break.



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