Architecture at Its Limits: windows, doors, and roof 


Meeting location: On-line

Time: May 6 - June 10, 19:30-22:00 (Beijing time), 7:30-10:00 (EST time)

Instructor: David Leatherbarrow

Co-Teaching: SHI Yonggao

Teaching Assistant: LI Mai


时间:56- 610日,北京时间19:30 - 22:00,美国东部标准时间7:30 - 10:00

主讲教师:戴维·莱瑟巴罗 教授

合作教师:史永高 教授

课程助教:李劢 博士生

(本次课程采用线上授课,共十一次讲座,每次2.5-3个小时。由David Leatherbarrow教授主讲,史永高教授和李劢博士进行总结性和解释性翻译。)

  Course Description ∣ 课程描述 

Limits are instruments of definition. Two kinds of architectural definition will be addressed in this course: limits of the building itself and limits of the discipline. Even when conceived as something entire and complete in itself, the single building is necessarily engaged with conditions that design and construction cannot control, an interdependent independence. The most obvious edge conditions are enclosing walls, but more indicative of what the work is in itself are the places where forces, which architecture must variously resist and allow, show their effects: doors, windows, and roofs. Design drawings and photographs reveal intentions and outcomes. But other images can be equally telling, particularly works of art, paintings, that depict the ways that edge conditions are inhabited and experienced. Here, one discipline, architecture, meets another, painting. Understanding architecture at its limits should strengthen practices of design.


  Schedule ∣ 课程安排 


May 6 (F)         In and Outside Architecture


506日(周五)          建筑的内与外

Part 1          Doors

May 10 (T)          Forecourts

May 13 (F)          Loggias

May 17 (T)          Portals

May 18 (F)          Thresholds

第一部分          门

510日(周二)          前院

513日(周五)          门廊

517日(周二)          门户

518日(周五)          门槛

Part 2          Windows

May 24 (T)          Apertures

May 27 (F)          Balconies

May 31 (T)          Window Walls

June 3(F)          Sun Breakers

第二部分          窗

524日(周二)          窗洞

527日(周五)          阳台

531日(周二)          窗墙

603日(周五)          遮阳

Part 3          Roofs

June 7 (T)          Roof Gardens

June 10 (F)          Roof Terraces

第三部分          屋顶

607日(周二)          屋顶花园

610日(周五)          屋顶平台

  Instructor ∣主讲教师 

Prof. David Leatherbarrow

戴维·莱瑟巴罗 教授

Professor and the foreign Dean of the Architecture Internationalization Demonstration School, Southeast University. He is an expert in the history and theory of architecture, with specific emphasis on their contribution to architectural design, especially in the modern period.  Within history, theory, and design, he is known internationally for his contributions to ideas and historical developments of architectural design and technology, gardens and landscapes, and more recently architectural sustainability. All of David Leatherbarrow’s work in scholarship examines two essential problems or topics in architectural design: the architectural site (landscape or urban) and architectural construction. These two topics are unavoidably commonplace in contemporary design practice. They are also in need of reconsideration, in light of changes in contemporary culture and society. To date David Leatherbarrow has published ten scholarly books and over one hundred and twenty scholarly articles. In addition to his scholarship, Leatherbarrow is highly respected internationally as an educator, having won numerous awards for his teaching, among which is the AIA/ACSA Topaz Medallion for Architectural Education (2020). Before teaching at Southeast University, he has been teaching at Pennsylvania University since 1984, and Cambridge University and the Polytechnic of Central London before that.

戴维·莱瑟巴罗是东南大学国际建筑示范学院教授和外籍院长。他是世界著名的建筑历史与理论家,也是建筑现象学领域的代表性学者,他的研究强调历史理论对建筑设计的贡献。在历史、理论、设计领域,他的学术声誉源自他在建筑的设计、技术的观念与历史发展方面做出的研究,以及他对园林与景观、还有近年来在可持续发展等领域的贡献。他的著作集中探讨建筑学科的两个基本问题:建筑场所(景观或城市)和建筑建造。这既是建筑实践中的两个基本问题,也是今天需要予以关注并重新思考的重要领域。迄今,莱瑟巴罗教授出版了10本著作和120多篇学术论文,在重要国际学术会议和研讨会上做主旨报告近百场。在学术研究以外,莱瑟巴罗教授还是国际知名的教育家,曾获多个教育奖项,包括全美建筑教育最高奖“黄玉奖章”(AIA/ACSA Topaz Medallion for Architectural Education2020年度)。在任教于东南大学之前,从1984年起,他一直在宾夕法尼亚大学任教。此前,他曾在英国剑桥大学和伦敦中心理工学院任教。

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