Master Program of Architecture (MPA)丨东南大学建筑学全英文硕士专业

Master Program of Architecture (MPA)丨东南大学建筑学全英文硕士专业

About SEU-ARCH建筑学院简介

Started from 1927, architectural education in Southeast University has the longest history among all the Chinese universities. The School is also one of the most essential scientific research bases and pioneers in architectural education. Its discipline construction, from the beginning, has embraced advanced and diverse academic thoughts and educational ideas worldwide.  Through more than nine decades of exploration and development, the school has formed the academic ideas which lay equal importance on art and technology, as well as strive for essentiality and perfection. Meanwhile, the school’s culture of rigorousness, eruditeness, honesty and creativity has also been well developed.

School of Architecture consists of Department of Architecture, Department of Urban Planning, Department of Landscape Architecture, Institute of Architectural History and Theory, Institute of Building Technology and Science, Institute of Art and Design, and Institute of Architectural Algorithms and Applications. It owns 3 research platforms at ministerial level: Key Laboratory of Urban and Architectural Heritage Conservation of Ministry of Education, Key Scientific Research Base of Traditional Wooden Architecture Technique of State Administration for Cultural Heritage, and Contemporary Integrated Technology for Urban and Rural Built Environment. It also owns a scientific research platform at provincial level: Urban-Rural Areas and Landscape Digital Technology Engineering Center of Jiangsu Province.

School of Architecture now has more than 130 full-time teachers, including 4 academicians, 2 Chang Jiang Scholars, 1 China Engineering Design Master, and 1 distinguished foreign expert of 1,000 Talent Plan. Under the leadership of CAS Academician Qi Kang, CAE Academician Zhong Xunzheng, Cheng Taining and Wang Jianguo, a top-ranking teaching staff team with diversified international backgrounds and education related structures has formed. There are about 1700 students at School of Architecture, including over 800 undergraduates, over 600 postgraduates and over 200 Ph.D. candidates. Most of them are top talents passing the Chinese college entrance examination or from high-level architecture schools in China. The abundance of faculty with first class national or international education background and talented students propels vibrant atmosphere of communication and interaction. The two become a strong learning and research community, aiming at exploring the essence of human settlements. 

School of Architecture is fully committed to the idea of Open Education. It has over the years held cooperative relationships on teaching and academic research with more than 30 world-leading architecture schools in Europe, North America and Asia. Each year, there are over 20 prestigious guest professors visiting the School and giving lectures, and more than 100 international students studying in the School. More than 30 corporations offer internship opportunities to students and build a joint development relationship with the School.

In June 2017, the State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs and the Ministry of Education jointly issued the document Notice on the Pilot Work of Founding the Architecture Internationalization Demonstration School of Southeast University and Prof. David Leatherbarrow was hired as the Foreign Dean. The Internationalization Demonstration School is an important program that will promote the first-class discipline construction of SEU School of Architecture and the progress of high education internationalization. 

In 2017, China Academic Degrees & Graduate Education Development Center(CDGDC)released the 4th round of China Discipline Ranking results.  School of Architecture, Southeast University won A + in the discipline of architecture, A- in landscape architecture and urban planning .)

Syllabus & Courses丨培养方案与课程体系

Training Objectives:Leading individuals who pay close attention to the leading edge of academic research, possess the abilities and professional skills to carry out the innovative research, have positive personalities and social responsibilities. Architectural specialists with a global academic perspective, have a good knowledge of international issues, develop and lead the research and design practice on the platform of global architectural employment.

Research Direction:(1)  Architectural Design and Theory (including four major directions: Architectural Design Theory and Method, Urban Design Theory and Method, Interior Design Theory and Method, Architectural Algorithm and Application);(2)  Architectural History, Theory and Heritage Preservation;(3)  Building Science and Technology.

Training Period :The program usually lasts 3 years and might be extended to 4 years at most.

Degree awarding:Students will be awarded Master Degree of Engineering.


Literature ReadingStudents are required to read at least 20 literatures related to the topic of one’s thesis and research direction and to write a literature overview.
Topic selection of thesis:Based on research studies, students are required to select a research topic with academic values and some significance for socioeconomic development. Students are required to conduct research and work on their theses for no less than one year.

Thesis writing: In addition to the relevant university regulations, thesis must be written in a systematic and complete manner, presenting clear concepts, convincing arguments, accurate description, orderly writing structure, smooth and concise writing style, correct calculation, reliable data, and clear tables and diagrams.
Degree awarding:The master's degree requires at least two academic activities and an academic essay within the scope of one’s own discipline which shall be published in the proceeding of the School’s postgraduate student academic symposium or any other academic journal after being signed by the supervisors, and which shall be counted as one credit when proved.
The master's degree requires enough credits according to the training program, completing the training program and degree thesis which should go through the formalities at the graduate school for blind review of theses. The candidate can only participate in thesis defense after passing the random check.
The defense will be organized by the department Among the reviewers of degree theses and members of defense committee, there should be an external expert with senior academic or professional titles
Students can apply for the master degree after passing thesis defense, and will be awarded a degree after passing the review of School Degree Evaluation Sub-Committee and University Degree Evaluation Committee.


(1)The master's degree requires at least 28 credits, of which at least 16 credits from Major Compulsory Degree Courses; In addition, students should obtain 2 credits from compulsory courses.

(2)All courses for master students are normally required to be completed within one and half years after registration. Of which degree courses are normally required to be completed within one year after registration.

(3)You can find detailed information of curriculum at

Faculty 丨指导教师

Architectural Design and Theory丨建筑设计及其理论

Architectural History, Theory and Heritage Preservation丨建筑历史与理论及遗产保护

Building Science and Technology丨建筑技术科学

More information about faculty at:

General Information of International Students' Application and Admission丨申请流程

School of Architecture will receive and evaluate the application materials sent by College of International Students. Generally the applicant materials are reviewed to be accepted after the designated tutor and school's academic committee agree to accept the applicant.

Application Period for Master and PHD Programs: January 1 – May 30

(The application period may vary, subject to the program's beginning date.)

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