Advanced Research in Architecture Today |2019 ETH-SEU PhD Workshop and Form

Advanced Research in  Architecture Today |2019 ETH-SEU PhD Workshop and Form

Workshop and Forum Rationale

Since 1980s, ETH (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology) and SEU (Southeast University) have been working in close collaboration on architectural education. The international exchanges have been fruitful over recent decades, guiding fundamental changes in architectural pedagogies in these two institutions and others in Europe and Asia.

In the Spring of 2019, ETH and SEU will initiate an annual international workshop and forum to enhance their history of exchange and collaboration, focusing in particular on current student research at the Ph.D. level. The first workshop will be in Nanjing, the second in Zurich, and those to follow in each city in turn. The first is scheduled to be a 4-day event in April and May.

The workshop is designed to be a platform primarily for young scholars, particularly doctoral students and postdocs, from ETH and SEU, as well as a few other, selected universities. The primary aim is for students to present and exchange their ideas and research. In addition to introducing their current research, internationally renowned scholars and architects will comment on the student presentations and guide the research of the coming generation of scholars.





Forum and Related Events Schedule


Topics and Panels:

Four thematic areas are to be presented over two days of the forum, with these themes also framing the panels