Name: Li Biao
Honorary Title
Professional Title: professor and doctoral advisor for the School of Architecture, Southeast University, director of the Institute of Architectural Computation and Application
Year of Award
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Research direction: “digital chain” integrated numerical control construction for architectural digital generation design, etc.

Li Biao serves as the deputy director of National Architectural Digital Technology Teaching Committee, the deputy director of Computational Design Committee of the Architectural Society of China, and the director of Digital Construction Committee of the Architectural Society of China. He is mostly engaged in the research and teaching of the theories and methods related to digital technologies for architectural design.

Li Biao obtained an advanced master’s degree from Eidgenössische Technische Hochschule Zürich (ETH, Zurich), a doctor’s degree in architecture from Southeast University (nominated for National Excellent Doctoral Dissertation in 2010), and engaged in postdoctoral research in Eidgenössische Technische Hochschule Zürich(ETHZ) between 2009-2013. He has published more than 40 papers on various academic journals or at various conferences at home and abroad. He has led three national programs funded by NSFC, participated in one key funded program and led one sub-project of the national key R&D plan of the Ministry of Science and Technology during the 13th Five-year Plan Period.

In terms of achievements, owing to his attempts on converting the algorithm generation design methods into the physical projects, Li Biao was entrusted to develop the design for the curtain wall of the international street for Nanjing Youth Olympic Games, which, in 2016, won the second prize for excellent engineering design and the second prize for excellent survey design of Jiangsu Province. Since 2015, he has completed the coding and construction of a number of digital structures, including the design and construction of Impression of Taihu Stone, Memory of Dragon Boat, Empty Shadow, pedestrian bridge in Tangshan Quarry Park, OCT Southbank Village “Lin Pan” in Anren, Chengdu, etc.