Name: Zhou Qi
Honorary Title
Professional Title: professor and doctoral advisor for the School of Architecture, Southeast University
Year of Award
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Research direction: theory and method of sustainable urban and rural design and green architecture design place and regionalism of building environment in the process of globalization

He has presided over and completed nearly 30 modern architectural heritage protection projects, published six related works and more than 30 academic papers. He has presided over the projects of National Natural Science Foundation of China in relevant fields, and more than 10 provincial and ministerial projects, including the historical building protection and renewal project of Nanjing Yangtze Hotel with a history of centuries. He has participated in the 2019 Florence Architecture Biennale.

In the field of architectural design, he has presided over and completed more than tenengineering projects, mainly including high-rise and long-span buildings, urban complex, residential areas, etc.He was awarded several national  provincial and ministerial awards. Among them, the New Building Of Beijing People’s Daily of which he presided over the design and construction, was awarded several national, provincial and ministerial awards New Building Of Beijing People’s Daily,of presided over the design and construction, 、was awarded the Gold Medaln Architecture Category of 2015-2016 Milan International Design Award, the First Prize of National Survey And Design, the First Prize of Ministry of Education, and many other awards.