Name: Wang Wei
Honorary Title
Professional Title: Lecturer for the Institute of Architectural History and Theory of School of Architecture, Southeast University
Year of Award
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Research direction: world architecture history modern housing history; modern urban space

Wang Wei is a Lecturer for the School of Architecture, Southeast University, and is mainly engaged in the teaching, research and practice of world architecture history, modern housing history, urban space theory and methodology. He has edited/participated in works and published about 10 papers.

Lecturer Wang Wei mainly teaches the General History of Architecture and Residence and City in the School of Architecture of Southeast University. He has participated in the teaching of the courses including Architectural Design Foundation, Architectural History Theory, Landscape History Theory, Space Practice Theory Frontier, Asian Architectural History, Research Method Frontier of Architectural History, etc. He has also participated in the production of the online course group of “Architectural History Theory” in the online course group of Southeast University and mainly undertook the construction of sub-courses such as “Modern Architectural History and Its Theoretical Issues”.

At present, he is in charge of the Youth Project: “Research on Modern Housing Production Based on the Perspective of ‘Space Criticism’ “. As a main member, he has completed the key subject of Graduate Education and Teaching Reform of Jiangsu Provincial Department of Education: “Methodology Teaching of Asian Architecture, Urban and Landscape History and Theory Based on Interdisciplinary Comparison”, and participating in the research of other related subjects.