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Name: Cheng Yuning
Honorary Title
Professional Title: professor, doctoral advisor and head of Landscape Architecture Department, School of Architecture, Southeast University
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Research direction: landscape architecture planning and design, history and theory of landscape architecture, digital landscape architecture and technology and sponge urban design 

Cheng Yuning is the distinguished professor of Southeast University, designer of Jiangsu Province and representative of Nanjing Municipal People’s Congress, member of the 7th and 8th Discipline Evaluation Group of the Academic Degrees Committee of the State Council, Member of the National Steering Committee for Graduate Education in Landscape Architecture, Member of the Landscape Architecture Sub-committee of the Teaching Steering Committee of Architectural Specialty in Institutions of Higher Learning, Director of China Society of Landscape Architecture, Vice Chairman of the Theory and History Committee of the Chinese Society of Landscape Architecture, Vice Chairman of the Education Committee of the Chinese Society of Landscape Architecture, Member of the Specialized Committee of Landscape Architecture of the Chinese Society of Landscape Architecture, Vice Chairman of the Specialized Committee of Landscape Architecture of the Chinese Society of Architecture, Director of the Specialized Committee of Landscape Architecture of the Jiangsu Society of Civil Architecture as well as Editor of Journals including Chinese Garden and Landscape Architecture.

He has long been committed to promoting the scientific landscape architecture, landscape architecture planning and design to a new height where rationality and sensibility mingle, science and art merge; The research and practice work in the field of digital landscape in China has been expanded, and the parametric design method of landscape architecture and the quantitative technical method of landscape environmental performance have been originally constructed, improving the international status and influence of the research in the field of digital landscape in China.

He is currently in charge of the key project of National Natural Science Foundation of China, “Theory and Methods of Urban Green Space Planning under Low Impact Development (51838003)”, and has completed several national and provincial scientific research projects, such as “Parametric Landscape Architecture Design Methodology--Taking Vertical Design as an Example (51278115)” and “Intensive Landscape Architecture Design Methodology Based on Quantitative Technology (50978053)”. He won the first prize of Huaxia Construction Science and Technology Award, 5 national invention patents and 1 utility model patent. He is the author of Digital Landscape-Logic, Structure, Meaning and Method (13th Five-Year Plan for National Key Publishing), Modern Landscape Design Theory and Method, Wetland Park Design, Site Landscape-Selected Works of Cheng Yuning Landscape Garden, Garden and Mountain and Landscape Architecture Design, etc. has the Excellent Video Open Course of the Ministry of Education--Frontiers of Landscape Architectureand edited and wrote the History of Chinese Landscape Architecture(the 12th Five-Year Plan textbook of the Ministry of Housing and Construction), Jiangsu Landscape Architecture Art(the project of Jiangsu Housing and Construction Department), Modern Landscape Architecture Theory and Practice(5 monographs have been published) and the Digital Landscape with anthology 5, and has published more than 60 academic papers. He has lectured in well-known universities at home and abroad exchange and has been highly praised by the domestic and international peers.

He has been engaged in landscape architecture for 39 years and led the team to win many international and domestic design bids. He presided over and completed more than 100 projects such as landscape architecture planning and design, landscape architecture design, landscape architecture design and so on, which were widely praised by the society, achieving good economic and social benefits, with more than 30 national and provincial design awards such as “First Prize of 2017 National Excellent Engineering Survey and Design” received.