SEU International Summer School 2022 | Art and Media Practice Summer School Workshop


Art and Media Practice Summer School Workshop

建筑学院的建筑美术教学是在艺术表现技法的延续和传承的基础上,更注重美术教育与建筑设计的桥接,以及艺术观念对设计的影响。在院领导的大力支持下,在暑期学校的第1-2周艺术与媒介实践Ⅱ课程(2学分)中,我们邀请了来自瑞士的建筑师、艺术家Pia Simmendinger、建筑师Vito Bertin和来自德国的艺术家Toni Schade来为本科二年级学生开展三个不同课题的有趣的工作营。

On  the  basis  of  the  continuation  and inheritance of artistic expression techniques, the teaching of architectural art in the School of Architecture pays more attention to bridge art education and architectural design, as well as the influence of artistic concepts on design. With the great support of the school leaders, during the first week to the second week of summer school’s Art and Media practice Ⅱ

(2 credit) , We invite architect and artist Pia Simmendinger from Switzerland, architect Vito Bertin and artist Toni Schade from Germany to conduct interesting workshops on three different topics for the second-year undergraduate students.