The Next Architecture AwardInternational Launch at Venice

The Next Architecture AwardInternational Launch at Venice

Towards The Next Architecture

International Launch atLa Biennale di Venezia

 The Next Architecture Award(EpisodeI )

【Smart Tree: Future Life in Vertical Community】


International Green Building Alliance

Southeast University

Nanjing Yangtze River Urban Architectural Design CO., LTD

The Third Construction CO., LTD. Of  China Construction Eighth Engineering Bureau

Nanjing International Healthcare Area Development & Construction Co., Ltd.

Fondazione EMGdotART



On one hand, our planet has undergone unpredictable changes in climate. On the other hand, digital technology cored with artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things has changed our lives dramatically. “Vertical IntelligentCommunity” embodies understanding and response to ongoing phenomena and lifeexpectancy in densely populated cities in Asia. Its features include verticalmixture, vertical ecology, systematic connectivity, live mechanisms, andenergetic balance. To achieve fuller vitality, it is required to generate moremobility, extension, abundance, and wisdom in terms of communications, entertainment, commence, R&D, healthcare and public services. At the sametime, the development and construction of the project will advance integrationof new technology industries, representing intelligence, informatization andclean energy, architectural design, and the general management of communitysystems.


The 35.1-meter-high section above the ground floor of the intelligentapartment will be used as the competition scope.

From the ground up to 15.3 meters (Part B), it will be the public verticalcommunity. From 15.3 meters to 35.1 meters (Part A), it will be the conceptualexperiment unit of a future residence. The conceptual experiment modules offuture residence (15.3m - 35.1m)(Part A) are allowed to extend over thestructure within 3 meters of the south, east and west elevations, and 15.3m from the ground, encouraging an overall design integrated into the externallandscape.

Functional content includes, but is not limited to, conceptual units offuture residence, small-scaled R&D and brainstorm centers, makerspace, business meeting rooms, libraries, exhibition halls, cold-chain supermarkets, restaurants, coffee bars, tea rooms, fitness club, theaters, farms, gardens,etc. that maximize flexibility and variability.

The International Healthcare AreaIntelligent Apartment

The premises open for the competition

Competition Task

In general, the “Smart Tree-Vertical Intelligent Community” competitionheld in the International Health care area Intelligent Apartment in Jiangbei New District, Nanjing calls for coordinated design and enabled technology. Itinvites global architects, designers, research and development institutions, academies ,enterprises, and innovative pioneers to present integral solutions, including:

  • Integral systematic organization and integrated design

  • Integration of diverse future living modules (can be set by function)

  • Key technologies and scientific innovation

Considering the competition project will be constructed and realized, thedesign solution must therefore be reliable and practical both in constructionand technical feasibility.

The competition advocates all participants as individual or group (a jointteam of design + R&D + technology) to provide innovative solutionsfollowing, but not limited to, the following 7 requirements. 


Seven requirements (key design principles):
1. Create diverse public life in vertical high-density community
2. Achieve adaptation of flexibility to the largest extent
3. Utilize the Internet of Things, with mobility and connectivity
4. Achieve environmental balance from a resource perspective
5. Achieve a low ecological footprint in open and integrated situations
6. Create a pleasant and aesthetic environment
7. Lead a practical intelligent construction technology


Competition Schedule

Start Date of Proposal Collections:June 1st, 2018

Deadline of Registration July 1st, 2018

Deadline for Proposal Collections:September 1st, 2018

Deadline for Initial Evaluation: September15th, 2018

Deadline for Final Review: September30th, 2018

Selection System

Two rounds of Review:

• The first round as initial evaluation: experts from “The Next Architecture” professional committee will score online and select short-listed projects.
• The second round as final review: The final selection will be decided by 7 international jury members of The Next Architecture on-site.


Award System

First Prize (1place): 25,000 Euro(Tax included)
Second Prize (2 places): 12,000 Euro (Tax included)
Unit Module Prize (3 places): 6,500 Euro (Tax included)

Remarks: For the winning designsolution of the Unit Module Prize, the project party will communicate with theawarded team about any issues and details involving actual implementation.

Jianmin Meng

Academician of theChinese Academy of Engineering

National architucture design master

Vicente Guallart(Spain 

Chief Architect Barcelona City Council (2011-2015) 

Founder, Institutefor Advanced Architecture of Catalonia

Michael Hensel(Germany)

Chair of DigitalArchitecture and Planning, TU Vienna; 
Chairman, OCEAN Design Research Association; 
Former Director of RCAT, Oslo School of Architecture and Design

Tong Zhang

Deputy Dean,Professor, and Doctoral Tutor in School of Architecture, Southeast University

Daniel V. Hayden(USA 

Partner and Directorof Architecture Affairs of DISSING+WEITLING


 Weiguo Xu 

Professor of Architecture School in Tsinghua University, Doctoral Tutor, director of the Department of Architecture

Henriette H. Bier(Germany)

Associate Professor Robotic Building, Faculty of Architecture & Built Environment, TU Delft,Guest Professor Robotics, Dessau Institute of Architecture, HS Anhalt

Launch Ceremony

Speaker: Marino Folin, President of Fondazione EMGdotART 

Speaker: Miu Changwen, President of the International Green Building Alliance, Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering

2018 Program of Fondazione EMGdotART

Speaker: Victor Lei, Board Chairman of Fondazione EMGdotART,

Helen Yao, General Secretary of Fondazione EMGdotART

Introduction of Green Intelligent Building (New Generation Housing) Development in Jiangsu Province, China 
Speaker:  Yonggang Liu, Professor of Special Representative of President of the International Green Building Alliance

“Smart Tree” Competition of “The Next Architecture Award”

Speaker: Jie Wang, Researcher of Nanjing Yangtze River Urban Architectural Design Co., Ltd. 

 ‘Smart Tree’ Competition Briefing

Speaker: TongZhang, Deputy Dean, School of Architecture, Southeast University 

Henriette H.Bier

Amnon Rechter


Partnership Announcement of ‘Smart Tree’ Competition


Detailed Information

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