In a basic sense, the human endeavour that drive the progress of the world can be divided into two categories: discovery and design. The former shows the curiosity and courage of human beings to explore uncharted territory, while the latter is the sum of our techniques and methods to solve problem creatively. Architectural disciplines, including architecture, urban planning and landscape architecture, combining the attributes of science, engineering, art and humanity, are the most comprehensive, inclusive and creative disciplines in the field of design.

Built environment of the urban and the rural, as a whole, bear the production and daily life of the local society, the circulation flows of materials and resources, the accumulation of culture and memory. They are classical grand art and contemporary complex system integration. Architects, urban planners and landscape architects are the master designers of natural and social systems. They need to have a macro perspective of decision making, balanced ability accomplishment, and fresh creativity.

School of Architecture, Southeast University is the origin of modern architecture education in China. Since its establishment in 1927, it has continuously played the leading role of architectural education in China and exerted more and more important influence in the world. Over the past 90 years, 12 academicians of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the Chinese Academy of Engineering and 15 national engineering survey and design masters have been cultivated in this cradle of architectural talents. More than ten thousand outstanding talents in the fields of architecture, urban planning and landscape architecture have been trained here, making outstanding contributions to the urban and rural construction in China. At present, the school has the most complete discipline structure and strong teaching staff, and maintains close academic exchanges, teaching and research cooperation with international first-class architecture schools, forming a distinctive southeast academic character and the school culture of “rigor, erudition, practicality and creativity”.

The world today is in the midst of turbulent changes, the clash of civilizations and beliefs, the disruption of regional balance, climate change and rapidly iterative technological development make the space-time we live in full of uncertainty. In such an era, can architectural disciplines, as usual, re-establish clear structures and persistent values in this fragmented world? School of Architecture, Southeast University and Southeast Scholars bearing the spirit of inheritance are willing to contribute our wisdom and strength.

Zhang Tong

Dean, School of Architecture

Southeast University