Intelligence Introduction for Innovation in Chinese Universities: Intelligence Introduction for Innovation of the Contemporary Urban and Rural Environmental Integration with technology at Southeast University was launched in 2016 and to be carried out for five years. It is jointly implemented by Ministry of Education of the People's Republic of China and the State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs with an aim of promoting one of the advanced international talent programs introduced by the state through the process of constructing world-class universities in Chinese Universities.

Intelligence Introduction for Innovation at Southeast University aims at combining the contemporary urban and rural environment with technology, integrating the advantages of architecture, urban planning and landscape architecture disciplines, through collaboratively innovating to advance the integration of three first-class disciplines and provide the prospective thinking, creative theory and effective methods for China's new urbanization.

Intelligence Introduction for Innovation keeps a long-term, stable, in-depth and organizational cooperative relationship with overseas talents and their affiliations such international famous universities as ETH, MIT, Tokyo Institute of Technology and University of Pennsylvania, etc. on talents exchange, scientific research collaboration, joint teaching, and so forth.

Under the guidance of the state development strategy, Intelligence Introduction for Innovation attempts to explore the key issues of the contemporary world, especially China's new urbanization, probe into the critical methods and techniques to cope with the vital problems of the current and future development of urbanization in China and present the world the high-level research achievements with Chinese characteristics.

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