As a building program initiated by the China Ministry of Education and Foreign Experts Bureau, the Architectural Internalization Demonstration School, the only one established in over 200 Chinese architectural schools,is intended to explore and develop ways of strengthening the School’s international collaborations, both educationally and academically. As a pioneering initiative and institution, the School may serve in future as a model for other schools in and beyond Southeast University.

An important part of this initiative is to build a world-recognized first-class architecture school by building upon and strengthening the culture of architectural design and theory that characterizes SEU Architecture’s long and distinguished history. The School’s general aim is to educate reflective practitioners who will lead the discipline of architecture, thanks to their international vision, humanistic values, spirit of scientific inquiry, and proficiency in professional knowledge and skills, as well as capacity for innovation.

The School is located in the center of Nanjing, a calm and beautiful city with a history of more than 2000 years. It is housed on a complete floor of a building on SEU’s city-center campus with offices, seminar rooms, and a lecture room, as well as a lounge and small and carefully selected library. Within this location and facilities, foreign professors will feel welcome and at home while in China.Strengthening the sense of familiarity and belonging are the collaborations between Chinese professors and foreign experts.