Documents Required

You are on the threshold of  SEU the time you have received the Admission Notice and JW202/201 from CIS of SEU, which means that you are going to study in Nanjing for a couple of months or years. Please prepare the following documents needed during registration.

1.  Passport and X visa (origin & copy):

Go to the Chinese Embassy or Consulate in your home country for visa application to China with valid passport, Admission Notice and JW202/201.

Students should obtain the ordinary passport and X visa before register.

Some of the parents may be working for government so you may hold a special passport , service passport , W visa or whatever. Please change the type of your passport  to ordinary one from your embassy and your visa to X type.

It is improper for a foreign student to stay without X visa in SEU and China.

2.  Original Admission Notice and JW form:

The original admission notice and JW form are not returnable to students after registration. So you are advised to make some copies in case you need it in the future.

3.  Prepare 10 passport-size photos

4.  Original highest diploma

5.  Insurance certificate (exchange student only):If you are exchange student,please make sure you have bought the health insurance for your study in SEU. Prepare the original and the copy of the insurance document and show them to Int'l Office during registration. For other types of students, health insurance fee is included in the tuition or scholarship.

6.  Download,fill out the New Student Registration Form, print it out, stick your ID photo and take it with you for registration.

7.  If you would be late for registration for certain reasons, please download, fill out the form Late for Registration and send it back to

For more information, please check below link: Documents Required

Pre-departure Guide

You are on the threshold of  SEU the time you have received the Admission Notification and JW202/201 from CIS, SEU, which means that you are going to study at Nanjing for a couple of months or years. As studying abroad is a kind of big event, you should attend to the following things:

1. Carry along proper clothing as Nanjing boasts a distinctive four seasons with the highest temperature of 40 Celsius in summer and  the lowest temperature of -15 Celsius. Of course, you are able to buy any clothing you like in Nanjing if you don’t like heavy luggage. You don’t need to prepare bedding if you choose to live at SEU’s Int’l Students Dorm as we provide basic bedding of around RMB400 for each long-term student.

2. Learn to ride bicycle, which is in some way an optimal riding tool in China in spite of the popularity of automobiles.

3. Take along some household medicine and your health record certificate with you.

4. Take around RMB2000 in cash with you for the ride from the airport to SEU, the deposits of renting dorm and the 1st-week living expense, etc.  

5. Prepare a pair of spectacles if you are near-sighted, which is very important for a long-distance journey.

Get To SEU

1.Book an air ticket according to the registration date indicated on the Admission Notice.  It is advised that you take an airline directly to Nanjing Lukou Int’l Airport (NKG). You can also take a flight to Shanghai Pudong Int’l Airport (PVG),  and after landing you can go to Shanghai Train Station to take a train to Nanjing ( about 2 hrs from Shanghai to Nanjing).

2. Print out the address of Int’l Students Office(where to register),CIS of SEU in Chinese , take it on the way:

Rm. 302, College for Int’l Students,  which is located at the 3rd  floor of the building attached to SOUTHEAST UNIVERSITY Chengyuan Graduates Dorm, 90 Chengxian Street, Nanjing.

The above address is the location of the International Students Office of  SEU,please print it and show it to the taxi driver when you arrive in Nanjing.

3. SEU does not provide the transportation and reception service from the airport to the university. Hence, it is advised that you locate SEU first at and print a map for future use.  The taxi fare from Nanjing Lukou Int’l Airport to International Students Office is around RMB120. The taxi fare from Nanjing South Railway Station to International Students Office is about RMB 45.

4. You also can firstly get the dorm before register in Int‘l Students Office during working hours (9:00-11:30am, 2:00-5:30pm, Mon-Fri).   

Undergraduate students (Architecture excepted),graduate students of International Trade , Economy, Arts ,Law,Humanities,Physics,Maths,Civil Engineering, ect.. will take classes and live on Jiulonghu Campus. 

( Add:No.9 Building of Juyuan,Jiulonghu Campus南京江宁区东南大学九龙湖校区橘园9舍 Tel:0086-25-52090855)It is near the Lukou airport . 


Chinese Language Students, Postgraduate Students with Chinese  Language Courses for the 1st year, and Architecture Students will generally study and live on Sipailou Campus

(Add:南京玄武区成贤街90号,成园研究生公寓 Tel:0086-25-83690895)

You can call the above numbers for other details about the dorm.

For the students arriving at SEU beyond working hours, you are advised to check in at SEU’s on-campus Liuyuan Hotel 东南大学榴园宾馆(Sipailou Campus) first at your own expense (around RMB300 per night). The address of  Liuyuan Hotel is: 38 Jinxianghe Road, Nanjing. Phone: 4008285099.