School of Architecture will receive and evaluate the application materials sent by College of International Students. Generally the applicant materials are reviewed to be accepted after the designated tutor and school's academic committee agree to accept the applicant.

Application Period for Master and PHD Programs: January 1 – May 30 (The application period may vary, subject to the program's beginning date.)

Application Materials

1.    Filled Scholarship Application Form.If you are admitted, you’ll have the opportunity of obtaining the full scholarship from Chinese government; The form will be produced by the online application system with a serial number after you finish the online application at

2.    Filled Application Form of SEU

3.    Certificate of Highest Degree 

If you are to obtain the higher level of degree before this September, you may provide the official document to prove that.

4.    Résumé/CV (Curriculum Vitae)

Curriculum vitae (CV) with a complete list of schools and universities attended since secondary school, and without any biographical gaps. It may also include: employment; extra-curricular collegiate and community activities; honors, awards, professional registration, professional societies, publications, and so forth.

5.    Official Transcript of Academic Records

Applicants are required to submit transcripts from all colleges and universities from which you've received credit. You should request an official paper transcript from your school. Transcripts not in English must be accompanied by a certified English translation. The transcript should list and verify academic achievements and examination results, with grades; provides details of the degree program and the academic level; and explains the grading system applied.

6.    Portfolio or Writing Sample

Portfolios must be submitted as one printed copy. Total pages submitted may not exceed thirty (30). Cover pages or table of contents do not count toward total pages. It should include your most important and representative visual arts, design, research, and/or professional work. Projects should include a description as well as any supporting documentation. All work must indicate the date of the project and whether the project was academic, office-related, or personal. In the case of collaborative work, the contribution by the applicant must be described precisely.The writing sample can come from your coursework and/or published papers. The writing sample must be an example of critical writing on a subject directly related to urban and architectural studies. The goal of a writing sample is to measure your ability to write professionally, clearly, and succinctly.

7.    Personal Statement 

A statement addressing your reasons for pursuing graduate studies, your academic and professional goals, your specific interest in the program of Southeast University, and any other information you feel will assist the committee in evaluating your application. Limit responses to approximately 1,000 words.

8.    At least 2 Letters of Recommendation

Applicants are required to obtain two letters of recommendation: from college or university instructors and, if appropriate, from an employer. You may request letters from professors or employers in a position to evaluate your professional abilities and academic potential.

9.    A copy of Passport

If you're currently in china, please provide the first page and the VISA/resident permit page of your passport.

10.    Physical Examination Record of Foreigners

11.    Acceptance Letter (alternative)

12.    Address Form 

The information you write in this form is very important; if you're admitted, all the admission document will be posted to the address you write in this form.

Notes:Whether you are admitted or not, the application materials will not be returned.

Application Procedure:

1.    Submit the required documents (including the Scholarship Application Form with a serial number) in 2 copies within the required time to the following address: Admission Office, College for International Students, Southeast University, 90 Chengxian Jie, Nanjing China, 210096;And send the scanned copy of the documents within the required time to: MB maximum).

2.  Fulfill the online application at; the application code of Southeast University/the agency no. is 10286.An academic committee from School of Architecture, Southeast University will check and evaluate the application materials.If you are admitted, the admission notice and visa application form will be posted to you before the end of July by College of International Students, Southeast University. Website of College of International Students:

Registration Period: September or October

You are expected to complete the course selection within 1-2 weeks after registration with the help of your supervisor and academic administrator of School of Architecture.