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School of Architecture

Dean's Office


No. 102

CPC Secretary’s Office


No. 108

School Administrative Office


No. 106

Graduate Education Affairs Office


No. 111

Personnel Office


No. 102

Undergraduate Education Affairs Office


No. 111

Graduate students Affairs Office


No. 110

Undergraduate student and Party Affairs Office


No. 110

Office of International Cooperation and Commercial Project Research Management


No. 101

Accountants' Office


No. 106

·       Admission Office

Responsible for the enrollment promotion and admission of various international students of SEU; reviewing various scholarship applications from new students; expanding admission channels and designing new enrollment projects.

Contact: 86-25-83793022,


·       International Students' Office

Responsible for the identity management and emergency handling of international students on campus; providing necessary services and information to international students on campus; formulating and supervising the implementation of various regulations related to international students’ behavior; scholarship application and review processing for international students; organizing activities for international students.

Contact: 86-25-83792797,


·       Academic Affairs Office

Responsible for assisting the teaching faculties and departments to jointly manage the daily teaching affairs of international students, as well as monitoring the teaching quality, including education registration management, grade review and archive, change of major, school transferring and other matters related to suspension, resumption, graduation and withdrawal from school;

Responsible for establishing and supervising the implementation of various regulations related to the education registration management of international students.

Contact: 86-25-83792663,

·       Office of Confucius Institutes

Responsible for the contact between SEU and the Confucius Institute of SEU; assisting the recruitment of Confucius Institute scholarship students; organizing the selection and recommendation of Chinese teachers and volunteers of Confucius Institutes.

Contact: 86-25-83792660,


·       Chinese Language Center

Responsible for providing the courses of Chinese language and culture to SEU's international students, training of HSK exams and organizing cultural activities for the international students at SEU.

Contact: 86-25-83792701,