With the outbreak of the COVID-19, universities and schools around the world have been brought into a non-normal teaching state, during the adaptation and exploration process of which some new opportunities have also emerged. If the end is not yet predictable, online teaching featuring time-space reorganization and media updates will become “new normal”.

For students of all grades, international students, double-degree students, exchange students, students from international partner universities and other wider range of audience, SEU School of Architecture and the Architecture Internationalization Demonstration School will integrate high-quality teaching resources at home and abroad, and organize the International Online School which contains 3 advanced courses, 8 international joint design workshops and more than 40 academic lectures including 7 series from May to July at the end of spring and the beginning of summer of 2020.

The School mainly adopts the method of online teaching to teach cutting-edge knowledge of architectural disciplines, discuss the latest trend of development, and organize brainstorming design exchange. Hope this International Online School can provide more and better teaching resources for the students during this special period, and will also explore new ideas and approaches of international talent training for “new normal” after the epidemic.