• Salome Tolud 2022-06-08
    As a student of Southeast university , the expectation is very high for u as a foreign student and the pressure of architecture is very big. For incoming students i would like them to be prepared to work hard and be willing to learn , research by oneself. The chinese students and professors are friendly , but try to use the chinese language when communicating to them it will only benefit u and your academic career in China. Also try to enjoy the experiences at the University and Nanjing. I wish U all success in your studies and hope that u enjoy your time at Southeast University
  • HAROUN AL-KHALI AHMAT 2022-06-08
    Like any other foreign student here, I too have difficulties in my studies, and my case seems a bit complicated than the others. First, the Chinese language we did does not allow us to understand the lessons as you think, because the duration is short and the content is totally insufficient for us to do and understand the lessons at the same speed with Chinese students. . I translate each lesson into my native language to understand the content, but the worst part is the exams, because the exams are in Chinese. then I also don't have the English language, which is why my situation is different from that of other students who have the English language. I'm here to study, and of course it's with the help of the teachers in particular and the school in general to make things easier for us so that each of us can graduate on time. I did my best and I continue to do so to finish on time. thank you for your understanding.
  • Sihan Zhang 2022-06-02
    The classes are fun, interesting and are taught by teachers with unique experiences and perspectives. The process of making models are tiring, sometimes more complicated than expected even though we're in year one. However they are a fun experience, and there is no right nor wrong in these processes other than the fact that they need to be practical and rational, in other words, possible. There are many classmates to interact and share opinions with, all of which are unique and worth the time to communicate with. The provided working environment allows all students to achieve their given tasks that makes all ideas come true. It is a fascinating and beautiful course, an amazing and unique experience to study here, and I don't regret a even a millisecond of being here.
  • PEH EAN MIN 2022-06-02
  • Yit Bunnak Phivadh 2022-06-02
    Study more Chinese because there a lot of word that you wont understand!!
  • YAP HUI YEE 2022-06-02
    Most of the teachers are experienced architects and have a lot of teaching experience.  Most of the content in the teaching is based on the actual architecture, which is conducive to learning.