If you choose to live in the dorm of SEU:

-    For new students, you may go to the dorm manager’s office on certain campus for check-in formalities after arrival. The checking-in formalities must be handled in person.

-    For Chinese government scholarship PHD, you could have a single room if SEU has enough dorm resource. Otherwise, you should share room with another student. You can find a roommate by yourself or SEU will help you to find one. Family members are not allowed to live in Students’ Dorm.

For more information, please check below link:

International Students Dormitory Regulations (

 If you choose to live out of the dorm of SEU:

-    Please come to International Students Office to apply. Accommodation environment may be varying according to rental price and location.

-    After finding your living place, please leave your contact number as well as your landlord’s and the address of your apartment to International Students Office. Besides, please go to the local police office with your landlord and the lease contract to get Registration Form of Temporary Residence within 24 hours.

For more information, please check below link:

Living Off-Campus (

Accommodation & Food Cost

-    International students may choose to live in the International Students’ Dormitory, which spread in all three campuses. The room rate varies from RMB 11000 to 15000 for a two-bed room each year, depending on the location and facilities. 

-    International students are encouraged to live off-campus, which costs RMB1000 to 3000 per month for renting an apartment near the campuses.

For more information of accommodation, please check below link:

-    International students can have their dinner at school cafeterias or restaurants out of campus, and the expense is about RMB 800-2000 per person a month. Around the campus, you could find many restaurants, coffee bars, and shops.

please explore your neighborhood and enjoy your Nanjing life:)