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Marino Folin, architect, born in Venice, 1944. Graduated in 1968, became professor of City and TerritoryAnalysisat the University Institute for Architecture in Venice (IUAV) in 1972; since 1982 full professor of TownPlanning; and in 1988, a visiting Professor at the Institut Francais DUrbanism - Paris VIII. Between 1991 and 2006,he has This symposium, titled Blind Spots, investigates what architecture can contribute to the condition of cities, and how cities reciprocate in kind. While we understand the meaning of Blind Spots requires further exploration, this symposium aims to provide a platform for the neglected, disregarded and undefined aspects in present urban transformations. On the one hand the discussion motivates unconventional ideas, understandings, encounters, proposals and practices outside of existing system of city development, its also an opportunity to reflect on potentials this process would bring to architecture.  

Following the argument that urban transformation is intricately linked with city developments, then factors such as scale, pace and influence contribute to the complexity and urgency of our contemporary situation. While urban transformation is a global occurrence, the instigating condition and environment in each location differentiates, but with some interesting commonalities. We base this symposium in Shanghai, where new transformations are underway, and hope to construct a stage for cross-context exchanges.



活动一:展览 Exhibition2018.11.04-11.18

活动二:研讨会 Symposium2018.11.04,14:00-18:00


江頭慎  AA建筑联盟学院Diploma School11设计单元导师

Shin Egashira , Unit Master, Diploma Unit 11, AA School of Architecture

李华  东南大学建筑学院副教授

Li Hua, Professor, Southeast University

刘克成  西安建筑科技大学教授

Liu Kecheng , Professor, Xi’an University of Architecture and Technology

莫霞华  建集团华东建筑设计研究院有限公司规划建筑设计院城市更新研究中心

Arcplus Group PLC

乔纳斯·伦德伯  UFO总设计师、查尔姆斯理工大学副教授、AA建筑联盟学院Diploma School16设计单元导师

Jonas Lundberg, Design Director of Urban Future OrganizationUFO)、Chalmers Technical University ACE、Unit Master, Diploma 16, AA School of Architecture,Associate Professor

朱渊  东南大学建筑学院副教授

Zhu Yuan, Professor, Southeast University

庄慎   阿科米星建筑设计事务所

Zhuang Shen, Atelier Archmixing


张桦 沈迪 高文艳 杨明

葛明 王为

李保峰  柴舒Taneli Mansikkamaki 华霞虹 陈海亮 田华

Roundtable Discussion

ZhangHua, Shen Di, Gao Wenyan,Yang Ming

Ge Ming, Wang Wei

Li Baofeng, Susan Chai, Taneli Mansikkamaki, Hua Xiahong, Chen Hailiang, Tian Hua


Shanghai Archi-Scieneific Creation Centre, Arcplus Group PLC.  Lane18, 600 Nan Chezhan Road, Shanghai

 主办单位: 东南大学建筑学院       华建集团  

outheast University     Arcplus Group PLC


MediaArchitectural Journal, New Architecture, H+A