【FoAR】Frontiers of Architectural Research

Frontiers of Architectural Researce(FOAR)

Volume 8/ Issue 1/ March 2019 (Pages 1 - 120)

1.From file to factory: Innovative design solutions for multi-storey timber buildings applied to project Zembla in Kalmar, Sweden

Alex Kaiser, Magnus Larsson, Ulf Arne Girhammar

2.Potential strategies offered by animals to implement in buildings energy performance: Theory and practice

César Martín-Gómez, Amaia Zuazua-Ros,...

3.Effect of building interface form on thermal comfort in gymnasiums in hot and humid climates 

Xiaodan Huang, Xiaoli Ma, Qingyuan Zhang

4.A copy is (not a simple) copy: Role of urban landmarks in branding Seoul as a global city 

Jieheerah Yun

5.City in transition: Podgorica, Europe's youngest capital city 

Emina Zejnilović, Erna Husukić

6.Art and technology interactions in Islamic and Christian context: Historical approach to architectural globalization 

Maziar Asefi, Safa Salkhi Khasraghi, Ana Pereira Roders

7.Medieval mausoleums of Kazakhstan: Genesis, architectural features, major centres  

Eskander Baitenov, Ainagul Tuyakayeva, Gulnara Abdrassilova

8.Effects of urbanization on historical heritage buildings in Kumbakonam, Tamilnadu, India 

K. Kiruthiga, K. Thirumaran

9.Comparative study of the factors affecting the generativity of office spaces

Maziar Asefi, Farzin Haghparast, Elaheh Sharifi


Enlai Executive Leadership Academy



LOCATION: Huaian, Jiangsu Province, P.R.China

PROJECT OWNER: The Organization Department of CPC Huaian Committee

DESIGNER: Zheng WANG, Cheng DU, Hua LIU, Yuchen HAN, Yuzhe BAO, Jinsong ZHANG


PROFILE: Located in the hometown of Premier Zhou, the new campus of Enlai Executive Leadership Academy is constructed before the 120th anniversary of the birth of Zhou.

Eight higher volumes with pitched roofs are disposed separately and reconnected meanwhile on the ground floor by lower masses and corridors with flat roofs. As the counterparts, several yards of different size, purposes and characters, connecting to each other, dominate the outdoor space. A group of axes are employed to regulate the layout, making a clear and formal correlation of volumes, yards and entries, so as to achieve the atmosphere of modesty.