Brief Introduction:

During the application of big data and artificial intelligence technology in urban studies, analysis, design and control, urban design and planning filed have enter digital changeable age. Based on the remarkable era background, how digital technique can be applied in urban design process deeply? How to improve the scientific, effective and reasonable in urban design process through digital approach and promote the urban sustainable development? How do postgraduate students and young planners cope with the new technological evolution and build their own knowledge frame? Based on massive, multi-source and heterogeneous urban big data, how to create data-sensitive city, and conduct more efficient digital supervision during urban operation process? For discover and solve these questions and challenges, the School of Architecture of Southeast University is associated with the ISOCARP to organize this urban design workshop under digital background. During the workshop, both domestic and foreign experts in urban studies and design field were invited, postgraduate students with relevant subject background were welcomed to participate and discover the future city together!


杨俊宴东南大学建筑学院 教授

Sebastien Goethals国际城市与区域规划师协会 副主席