Name: Yang Jianqiang
Honorary Title
Professional Title: professor and doctoral advisor for the School of Architecture, Southeast University
Year of Award
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Research direction: urban regeneration, historic and cultural heritage conservation, urban planning and design

Yang Jianqiang is the Director of Urban Planning Society of China, Chairman of Academic Committee for Urban Regeneration of Urban Planning Society of China, member of Academic Committee for Urban Planning of Historical and Cultural City of Urban Planning Society of China, member of Sub Steering Committee of Urban and Rural Planning Education of Ministry of Education’s Steering Committee on the Teaching of Architecture, member of Professional Committee for Historical and Cultural Protection and Inheritance of the Committee of Science and Technology of Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development of the People’s Republic of China, member of Standing Committee of Historical and Cultural City of Chinese Society for Urban Studies, Editorial Committee Member of Built Heritage and Urban and Rural Planning. Hehas been awarded the “Science and Technology Worker of National Excellent Urban Planning” of China Association of City Planning and the Outstanding Teacher Award of Baosteel Education Fund.

He has presided over more than 10 projects of national key R & D projects in 13th Five-Year Plan of Ministry of Science and Technology, National Natural Science Foundation of China, ministerial and provincial scientific research projects. He has presided over and completed more than 60 projects including the “Grand Canal (Wuxi Section) Heritage Protection Plan”, “Overall Urban Design of Beijing Sub-center and International Consultation of Detailed Urban Design in Key Areas”, “Protection Plan of Nanjing Historical and Cultural City”, “Protection Planning of Nanjing Industrial Heritage”, “Urban Renewal Planning of Qingdao North District”, “Urban Axis Planning Research on Guangzhou Huadu District and Urban Design of CBD Section”, and “Renewal and Transformation Planning of Old Industrial Base in Zhengzhou”. He has been awarded the 1 first prize of Natural Science Award and 2 second prizes of science and technology progress of the Ministry of Education, 5 second prizes and 6 third prizes of National Excellent Planning and Design, the 7 first prizes and 12 second prizes of provincial excellent planning and design.

He has published 10 works of monographs, textbooks and translations, including  Urban Regeneration , Urban Planning and Design, Detailed Planning, Urban Structure Principle, etc., among which one has been selected as the national planning textbooks for the 12th Five-Year Plan, one as the planning projects for major engineering of national book publishing for the 11th Five-Year Plan, and one as the publishing planning projects of national key book for the 13th Five-Year Plan. He has published more than 100 academic papers. Professor Yang has been awarded the first “Teaching Innovation Experiment Award” of National Steering Committee of Urban and Rural Planning Education in China, 2 second prizes of Excellent Teaching Achievements of Jiangsu Province, and 1 Excellent Course of Jiangsu Colleges and Universities. He has guided students to win the first and second prizes in the Planning and Design Assignment Evaluation of National Undergraduate of Urban Planning Education for several times, and the first prize of excellent undergraduate graduation design in Jiangsu Province and other prizes.