Name: Wang Chenghui
Honorary Title
Professional Title: Professor,Postgraduate Supervisor
Year of Award
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Research direction: Urban Planning and Design; Housing and Community Research; Residential Space and Community Life Circle Planning

Wang Chenghui, PHD, Professor, National Registered Planner; Member of Housing and Community Planning Academic Committee/Member of Urban & Rural Governance and Policy Research Academic Committee, Urban Planning Society of China; Visiting Scholar in MIT, 2012; Deputy Director of Urban Planning Department, 2008-2016.

She presided over two National Natural Science Foundation programs: "Research on Spatial Patterns and Comprehensive Effects of Large-scale Public Housing" and "Optimization on Residential Historic District Planning System Based on Community Research and Involvement" ; participated in five NSFC programs. She is the director of one local standard on public facilities and one local guideline on community life circle. She published two books: "Research on the Planning for Residential Space in New Urban Districts under Background of Transition" (2011) and “Urban Community Renewal Theory and Practice, Nanjing” (National Publishing Fundation,2019); translated one book: "Financing Urban Shelter-Global Report on Human Settlements 2005"( 2014); participated in writing a book:  "Historic Imprint-Historic Towns' Characters and Values, Jiangsu" (2020).