Name: Zhang Qian
Honorary Title
Professional Title: lecturer for the School of Architecture, Southeast University
Year of Award
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Research direction: urban industrial development and land use, study on basic teaching of architecture and urban planning

Zhang Qian is a lecturer for the School of Architecture at Southeast University, a National Registered Planner, and a doctor. She is engaged in theoretical research and teaching related to urban and rural planning. The main research directions are: urban industrial development and land use, urban and rural overall planning and national land space planning, small town and rural development, etc. She owns rich experience in undergraduate teaching, mainly engaged in research and practice of basic teaching on urban economics, urban and rural master planning, architecture and planning and design.

She has presided over and participated in more than 20 engineering projects, won 1 national excellent urban and rural planning and design award, 2 provincial and ministerial excellent urban and rural planning awards, and 1 municipal award. She has participated in 2 programs of National Natural Science Foundation of China, and she presided over 3 school-level education reform programs.

She has intensively published 10 works and translations, more than 10 papers in journals, papers of Steering Committee Papers for Urban and Rural Planning and Architecture. She has been awarded the “Excellent Paper Award” of Steering Committee of Urban and Rural Planning for three times. She has guided students to participate in the Investigation Report Competition for National Undergraduates and design competitions, winning more than 10 awards.