Name: Gao Shuqi
Honorary Title
Professional Title: lecturer for the School of Architecture, Southeast University; director assistant for the Urban Planning Department
Year of Award
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Research direction: shrinking city, aging society, planning assessment, spatial analysis, etc.

Gao Shuqi, a lecturer for the School of Architecture, Southeast University and director assistant for the Urban Planning Department, is mainly engaged in the study and teaching of urban planning and design creation and associated theories. The courses he is undertaking mainly include the design course for the freshmen of the School of Architecture, joint graduation design course of six universities for students at grade 5 in Urban Planning Department, and urban-rural planning social survey course in Urban Planning Department.

In recent years, he has led and participated in many scientific research programs, including a sub-project of the key R & D program during the 13th Five-year Plan Period of the Ministry of Science and Technology, a youth program funded by Jiangsu Natural Science Foundation, a general program funded by NSFC, and a project funded by MIT seed fund for science and technology. He has published an English book Shrinking Cities in China: The Other Facet of Urbanization, which is published by Springer, and more than 10 research papers on Journal of the American Planning Association, Urban Planning, Urban Planning Forum, Urban Planning International, Planners and other well-known urban planning journals at home and abroad. At present, he has established cooperative relationships with scholars from many research institutions, including Massachusetts Institute of Technology, University of Michigan, Brookings Institution, University of Toronto, Dortmund University of Technology and University of Tokyo. He was invited to make presentations at the famous international research institutions, including MIT and Tokyo University, as well as at Association of Collegiate Schools of Planning, National Conference on Planning History, Annual National Planning Conference, Shrinking City Research Network of China and other domestic and foreign academic conferences. With his instruction, his students won the first prize (ranking first) of Team20 Cross-strait Construction and Planning New Talent Award and other awards.