Name: Ma Jin
Honorary Title
Professional Title: professor for the School of Architecture, Southeast University, teaching team leader of Undergraduate Fourth Grade
Year of Award
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Research direction: design method of large and complex public buildings, the space type of educational buildings, the contemporary construction theory and practical application.

Ma Jin is a Professor for the School of Architecture, Southeast University, National First-Class Registered Architect, expert member of Expert Database of Nanjing Planning Bureau, member of Professional Committee of Architectural Creation of Jiangsu Civil Engineering Society, member of High-Rise Building And Human Habitat Branch of Architectural Society of China, is mainly engaged in architectural design creation, related theoretical research and teaching.

Dr. Ma Jin learned from Zhong Xunzheng, Academician from Chinese Academy of Engineering. He has been engaged in front-line design practice for more than 20 years, teaching for 12 years, and acts as the teaching team leader of the fourth grade of undergraduate. He has served as the scheme creator and project leader in more than 100 large-scale public and residential building projects. The quantity and quality of completed works are excellent among young and middle-aged architects. Mr. Ma Jin has won more than 20 national and provincial awards, such as the Silver Medal of National Excellent Engineering Design Project, the First Prize of Jiangsu Architectural Creation, and won many large-scale international competitions attended by first-class design institutions at home and abroad. In 2010, he was awarded the “Young Architect Award” of Architecture Society of China. He has long adhered to the combination of design practice and theoretical research. His design research comes from the concept of design practice, with rich design practice experience and profound architectural theory. The UAG studio of Southeast University, which he presided over, has become an outstanding platform for integration of production, university and research, and has trained a large number of outstanding master’s graduates. He has published nearly 20 articles and works in Architectural Journal, Architecture & Detail, New Architecture and ARCHDAILY, and other websites. His works have become the cover works of FOAR magazine for three times, and he has received exclusive interviews from magazines and websites such as Designer, Time Architecture and “Gust Workshop”. His main research direction of architectural theory includes: design method of large-scale complex public buildings, space type of educational buildings, contemporary construction theory and practical application. Combined with practice, he published a lot of related research papers, and made outstanding achievements in building materials and structures at his best. In a large number of practices, he tested and applied his research results, and published monographs such as Construction Analysis of Contemporary Architectural Structures.