Name: Yang Jing
Honorary Title
Professional Title: associate professor for the School of Architecture, Southeast University
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Research direction: theory and practice of large-scale urban residential area planning, research on residential area / residential space type, residential refined design, the revival of Chinese traditional culture in housing

Yang Jing, Associate Professor for the School of Architecture, Southeast University, National Registered Urban Planner. From April 2001 to August 2005, he successively worked in the Design Department of Nanjing Vanke Real Estate Co., Ltd. and the Architectural Research Center of Vanke Co., Ltd. and served as the Manager of the Center. Professor Yang is mainly engaged in the design and management of residential areas, the research of residential area planning and individual design, the application research of ecological technology in residential areas and the formulation of enterprise planning and design standards. In 2005, he taught in the School of Architecture, Southeast University, mainly in courses of Residential Planning and Residential Design; she was engaged in research and engineering design related to residential planning and residential design. In 2010, she was selected into the “Development and Design of Housing for Low-income Groups” of the international training program sponsored by SIDA and organized by Lund University, Sweden.

Yang Jing has 20 years of experience in residential planning, design and research, and owns many solid achievements in residential planning index research, residential planning and outdoor space design of residential areas.

Yang Jing presided over the “Research and Formulation of Nanjing Economically Affordable Housing Planning, Individual Design Standards and Technical Regulations” of Nanjing Administration of Housing; presided over the “‘Three-Room’ Construction Planning in Liuhe District, Nanjing”, “Housing Development and Construction Control Guidance in Jiangbei New Area”, etc.; and has published a monograph Residential Planning and Design Interacting with the City, and more than ten relevant papers in domestic core academic journals, foreign high-level academic conferences; presided over and completed 1 project of National Youth Natural Science Fund, 1 provincial natural fund and won the third prize; participated in the subject of Research on Improving the Design Level of Indemnificatory Housing as an expert of the Security Division of Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development of the People’s Republic of China, and participated in a number of provincial, department-and-bureau-level subjects. She has presided over the post-assessment of several completed settlements. During her working period in the Construction Research Center of Vanke Co., Ltd., she was mainly engaged in residential design management, application research, implementation and post-evaluation of multiple projects of Vanke. From 2015 to 2016, she successively presided over the post-assessment of residential area projects of Nanjing Anju Group and residential area projects of Vanke Group.

Teacher Yang has extensive experience in residential architecture, good at large-scale residential planning, residential / housing space type research, and residential fine design. On the one hand, she has long studied the inheritance and rejuvenation of Chinese traditional culture in housing. In 2017, she was commissioned by Sunac Investment Inc to develop the “Odes and Hymns” type Song-style Housing Product Line. On the other hand, she also paid attention to the housing problems of low-income people. She is a special expert of Nanjing Anju Group, responsible for the planning and design of several key large-scale indemnificatory housing areas in Nanjing. She also prepared Nanjing Standardization Document of the construction of municipal indemnificatory housing. Yang Jing has rich experience in engineering practice, and has completed more than 30 designs of large-scale residential area planning and individual schemes. In 2016, She presided over Residential Projects in M Land of Dahua which was awarded “Finalist Award of Architectural Creation Award of Architectural Society of China”; in 2016, Residential Area Project of Jiangbei G36 Land of Dahua by her was awarded the “First Prize of Architectural Creation Award of the 10th Jiangsu Civil Engineering Society”; the Phase II Indemnificatory Housing Area Project in Dingjiazhuang, Nanjing” competed in 2017 was awarded “Double Gold in Planning/Architecture of National Habitat Classic Scheme Competition” issued by Architectural Society of China.