Name: Han Xiaofeng
Honorary Title
Professional Title: Lecturer and Associate Professor
Year of Award
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Dr. Han Xiaofeng got his Ph.D. degree at 2009 in SEU. From then on, as Lecturer and Associate Professor, he hosted and took part in many important teaching programs and international joint-studio with teachers and students from USA, Swiss, Canada and so on.

His academic research topic includes following. The research of construction technique of timber in Chinese traditional architecture and the possible renovation in contemporary timber architecture. The research of the relationship between structure, construction and materials. The research of methodology of architectural analysis. The design method of the renovation of old building and community.

Dr. Han Xiaofeng has published several books and more than 20 papers on wide topics. The book Timber Construction which published in 2016 is one of the important books in china discussed timber material. He keeps practicing in design and construction of timber architecture and renovation of old buildings, and has successfully finished some projects, including the Hui Shan Bookstore of Library Avant-Guard which awarded the first prize of 2016 design creation in architect association in Jiangsu. His projects were invited to take part in many exhibitions, which include 2016 Venice architecture Biennale, Shanghai international design week.

He has published many works and more than 20 academic papers. Among them, Wooden Structure Construction published in 2016 is an important work on modern wooden structure teaching and research in China. He has been continuously engaged in practice and creation in wooden architecture and renewal of old architecture, and completed a number of high-quality architectures, including the transformation of Huishan Publishing Store of Pioneer Bookstore in 2016, which awarded the first prize of Architectural Creation of Jiangsu Architectural Society. He has been invited to participate in a number of important exhibitions for his works, including the 2016 Venice Architecture Biennial Exhibition, as well as several consecutive exhibitions of Shanghai International Design Week.