Name: Guo Yimin
Honorary Title
Professional Title: associate professor and postgraduate advisor for the School of Architecture, Southeast University, and director of Archi-Neering Design Research Center
Year of Award
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Research direction: structural architecture design and theory, architectural behavior design and its theory

Guo Yimin, based on the two cutting-edge directions of contemporary architecture, namely, the design and theory of Archi-Neering Design and Behaviorology, is engaged in the research and theoretical construction of innovative and forward-looking architectural design methodology.

The Archi-Neering Design Research Center is an international school-enterprise academic research platform jointly established by the School of Architecture of Southeast University, the Department of Architecture of Tokyo Institute of Technology and ECADI in November 2017. It is dedicated to the research on the integration and innovation of structure and architecture at the design level.

Behaviorology refers to design theory used to establish space with commonality from the perspective of correlation and interaction among architecture, crowd, environment, etc. through observation (modernology), capture (type) and reorganization (design). It is one of the important topics and research directions of contemporary architecture in the face of more and more severe external changes.