Name: Song Yacheng
Honorary Title
Professional Title: Lecturer, Southeast University, and department director of Department of Architecture
Year of Award
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Research direction: architectural design and theory, theory and design of urban design

Song Yacheng, selected by Jiangsu Provincial Double-Innovation Doctor Program, Southeast University Zhishan young scholars, visiting scholar of National University of Singapore. He is mainly engaged in teaching, research and practice of urban design and architectural design.

His scientific research mainly includes urban design theory and method, urban morphology theory and method, and quantitative analysis method of urban material space. He has published more than 10 papers in the top journals of his discipline, such as Architectural Journal, Urban Planning International, Environment and planning B: Urban Analytics and City Science (SSCI) and Frontiers of Architectural Research (A&HCI), and presides 1 project of National Natural Science Foundation of China. His research results have been applied to urban design projects in urban centers, old city regeneration, complex natural terrain and around urban rail transit stations. As the main designer, he has completed major projects such as the Detailed Urban Design of Area 6 of Beijing Municipal Administrative Center (winning bid), the International Consulting for the Urban Design of the Core Area of Nanjing Zidong Area (winning bid), and Urban Design for University Town of the Fifth Cluster of the Starting Area of Xiongan New Area (winning). He has won 1 national second-class award and 4 provincial and ministerial first prizes.