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ASSOCIATE CHAIR:Zhu Lei, Xia Bing, Xu Xiaodong


Founded in 1927 with affiliation to National Central University, Nanjing Institute of Technology and Southeast University successively, the Department of Architecture at Southeast University is served as the cradle of modern architecture education in China. Being the steering committee for the discipline of architecture in the national higher education system, it adheres to the university motto of Perfection Pursuit and has been unceasingly leading China’s higher education in architecture and building up global reputation in the meantime. Ever since its establishment around 90 years ago, the Department of Architecture has cultivated six academicians, ten national design masters and more than thirty university deans, academic leaders and prominent scholars, including Wu Liangyong, the winner of 2011 State Supreme Science and Technology Award, Zhang Yonghe (also known as Yung Ho Chang), chair of architecture department at MIT and Wang Shu, winner of 2012 Pritzker Prize, etc.。

Being the biggest department in the School of Architecture, it boasts three academicians, two Changjiang Scholars, one winning of National Science Foundation for Distinguished Young Scholars, six winners of Architectural Education Award of Architectural Society of China. It’s also a key constructive discipline of Project 211 and Program 985 at Southeast University as well as a national first-level key discipline. In the recent National Key Discipline Assessment organized by Ministry of Education, our department ranks second nationally.

As an integral part of the School of Architecture, the architecture department is long committed to teaching reform, and involved multiple times in developing national architectural education assessment standards and direction of education reform as well as assisting to Ministry of Housing and Ministry of Education in regulation making, being a true leader among national architecture education (Hong Kong and Taiwan included). Textbook compilation is also fruitful, as the multiple reprint of Architectural Drawing, Urban Design, Architectural Design and many others that contribute considerably to China’s architecture education. The department also boasts three second prizes of state-level teaching award, one state-level teaching team, one specialty discipline, one national superior course and one national 100 outstanding doctoral dissertation, with five being nominated.

In terms of global study, the Department of Architecture actively explores the form and content of global cooperation, including opening degree courses abroad, holding international academic conferences and publishing bilingual books. Annually nearly a hundred experts and scholars at home and abroad give lectures and participate in co-teaching, benefiting students, teachers and industry professionals globally

To cater for the needs of society, the Department of Architecture has always been concerned about the innovation of engineering practice and scientific research. A group of national honor and international reputation –winning works, successful international bidding for national key construction project of Chinese Ancient Chinese Literature Search Center, presiding over the reconstruction projects after Wenchuan earthquake and People’s Daily building all highlight the competence in its cultural and technological innovation. In the past decade, the architecture department undertook more than forty National Natural Science Fund Projects, including two key projects and one project of National Science Foundation for Distinguished Young scholars, one project and five tasks of National Sci-Tech Support Plans and four international cooperative projects, revealing the department’s solid foundation of research ability.


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