Awarded Doctoral Dissertation
Zhu Yuan. A Utopia of the Present—— Research on the Architectural and Urban Theiry on Team 10 in the view of 'In- Between' Shen Yang. A Study on Confucian Temples in Ancient Chinese Cities Xu Ning. The Pattern and the Evaluation Research of Urban Public Space Based on Efficiency and Equity Perspectives Zhang Jianwei. Study on Chinese Ancient Metal Architecture Yin Ming. The Impact of High-speed Railway on Urban Space Development:International Experience and an Empirical Study of Yangzi-deltaregion
Awarded MA Thesis
Yuan Xinguo. A Discussion on the Redevelopment Mode of the Development Zones in the Yangtze River Delta Jia Riuming. Employment Space of The Disabled Amid The New Urbanization——A Case Study On The Old City of Nanjing Wang hui. An Employment Spatial Agglomeration Analysis Of The Migrant-workers ——The Case of The Main City of Nanjing Li Yingcheng. Research on Spatial Effects of Location Choices of High And New Technology Enterprises ——A Case Study On Nanjing City Zhou Xuefeng. Reasearch into the Adaptability Reformation of the Traditional Dwellings Based On Experiential Development Zhan Yadong. A Research on the Metropolitan Community Empowerment in Taipei Yu Jun. The Preliminary Exploration of Fort Anliang In Taoyuan of Datian,Fujian Province Wu Hao. Preliminary Study of Facility Management Strategy with Life Cycle Bim Techology Ai Shanghong. The Reuse of National Central University Craft Practice Field Restoration Project