Teaching material:China Panaroma 

Students:International Students (Master and Ph.D candidates)

Credit Hours:2             

Duration: 18 weeks


1. Description of the course

    China Survey is a compulsory course for foreign students. The course selects many interesting topics to help foreign students understand China’s history, culture and social development.


2. Arrangement of the course

       The course combines lectures and discussions. By reading the textbook, reference books, on-line resources and combining relevant discussion, students can deepen their understanding of China’s history, culture and social development.


3. Evaluation

Students write a 4000-word term paper concerning Chinese culture. (topic chosen by themselves)


4.Teaching contents

Teaching contentsPeriods
Geographical environment and culture


China’s history and society4
China’s traditional philosophy8
Life of ancient Chinese people4
China’s scientific contribution to the world4
Migration and social change4
Integration of western and eastern culture4
Modern China and western civilisation2