The landscape architecture discipline of the Landscape Science Department of Southeast University was founded by Professor Liu Dunzhen and Professor Tong Jun, and inherited and developed by numerous scholars, including Qi Kang, Pan Guxi, Du Shunbao and Cheng Yuning. By adhering to the combination of theory and practice and following the path of landscape architecture research and learning with Chinese characteristics, it has become a key discipline of Jiangsu Province and an advantageous discipline of Jiangsu Province, ranking second in the national discipline evaluation in 2012 and 2017, and approved as the national double first-class built discipline.

Aiming at the management, protection and construction of sustainable human settlements, by focusing on the landscape environment and built-up environment, and based on characteristics of the discipline, the landscape architecture discipline of Southeast University has formed a talent cultivation system covering the undergraduate to post-doctoral education. The discipline has a first-class teaching and scientific research team, and “Digital Landscape Laboratory of Southeast University has been approved as “Jiangsu Comprehensive Digital Landscape Environment Training Center” and “Jiangsu Urban and Rural Landscape Digital Technology Engineering Center”, which has produced extensive influence in the industry at home and abroad.