Urban space theory and planning design method

Guided by the core content of urban and rural planning, i.e. land use and physical space planning, taking the local mode and development issues of urban space in China as the content, and adopting the interdisciplinary integration research methods, this research direction is committed to the research on urban space development laws and modes and the exploration into corresponding planning and design methods.

Urban-rural planning theory and city renewal

This research direction focuses on the theories and methods associated with city renewal. The discipline team has advantages in city renewal planning theory and technical methods; transformation, renewal and redevelopment of old industrial zone; modern urban center planning; urban space landscape design; regulatory detailed planning theory and method, and small town planning and design.

Urban planning history and heritage conservation

This research direction constitutes the basic knowledge framework of urban-rural planning, and it is involved with the basic theories of Chinese and foreign urban-rural planning history, urban spatial change and heritage protection, and the interaction mechanism between urbanization process and its social, political, economic and environmental elements, as well as the relevant technical methods of urban planning.

Regional development and urban- rural master plan

This research direction covers the researches on urban and rural development mechanism, regional spatial pattern evolution mechanism and mode, urbanization power and law, urban and rural development policy, and urban and rural master planning theory and method, which constitute the core content of urban and rural planning discipline at the macro level.

Urban and rural residential area planning and community development

Aimed at the sustainable improvement of habitat environment, this research direction mainly covers the research on the planning for human settlements and the construction of habitat environment; the research on the establishment of multi-level and multi-gradient housing policies and the housing supply system; the research on the space for special group from the community perspective; the research on community planning, construction and management.

Urban-rural planning technology and management

Based on the comprehensive application of urban planning, transportation engineering, system engineering, economics and other related theories, this research direction focuses on study on the big data analysis technologies, basic theories of urban traffic planning and design and key technologies at stages of strategic urban development planning, master urban planning and regulatory detailed urban planning.