Introduction to research direction of Landscape Science Department

Facing the major national development strategies and social needs, scientific researches of landscape architecture discipline of Landscape Science Department of Southeast University focuses on the research frontier in international landscape architecture and environment, and takes world-class scientific research level and achievements as benchmark, a series of independent original innovation achievements as the mark, a world-class research platform as the basis, the scientific research cooperation, technology integration and combination of production-learning-research combination as strategies, and high-level scientific research project research and development and high-level engineering design as opportunities. With construction over 15 years or so, the landscape architecture discipline in Southeast University has developed into an international first-class high-level discipline, serving domestic development and the development of the countries along the “One Belt and One Road”, actively guiding the formulation of international standards of the industry, and forming a series of scientific research achievements conforming to international first-class standards.

At present, adhering to the disciplinary development concept of international vision, sense of nativeness and national identity, paying attention to the important role of landscape architecture research in the construction of national innovation driven and new urbanization of human settlements, serving the sustainable development of human settlements on a full scale, optimizing the built environment, highlighting green infrastructure, and moving towards “scientific art” have become the general consensus for development of landscape architecture discipline in Southeast University. The current researches focus on the application of digital technologies, intensive landscape planning and design, green and livable village landscape planning and design, cultural landscape and site protection, ecological protection and environmental restoration, urban and rural landscape renovation and redesign, green infrastructure planning and other fields, and a series of achievements have been made, which has been widely praised by the academic community and the industry.