Main research direction:

(1) architectural design and its theory: adhere to the inheritance and development of architectural noumenon and design core, on this basis, facing the national development strategy and international architectural frontier, continue to carry out research and achieve a series of important results in urban architecture, green building, architectural culture, rural construction, community renewal, medical well-being and other aspects.


(2) urban design and theory: relying on the domestic leading discipline advantages and technical platform of Dongda architecture, adhering to the equal emphasis on science and humanity, continuing to explore the theoretical frontier of urban design and a series of major urban design engineering practices, serving the national new urbanization development strategy, and leading the modern urban design theory, urban architecture integration, green urban design and digital urban design We have achieved important results that are domestically leading and internationally first-class.


(3) interior design and its management: relying on the platform advantage resources of Dongda architecture, the direction of interior design specialty adheres to the overall architecture of integrated interior and exterior design, and follows the national strategy. It continues to carry out research and achieve a series of achievements in multi-disciplinary integration, reconstruction and regeneration of old buildings, functionality and artistry of space, etc.