Focusing on the new mission and new requirement for the construction of “double first-class” discipline and with the concept of cultivating talents “having both ability and moral integrity guided by innovation”, and the quality connotation of “excellent, internationalized and research-oriented” talents is improved by following the cultivation path of “consolidated foundation, widened vision, improved crossing and strengthened innovation”. Through the comprehensive innovation of teaching methods and contents, and by enhancing the integration of theory and practice and by improving scientific cognition and technical analysis, a multi-dimensional and open talent cultivation knowledge structure, curriculum system and education mode which integrates such moral elements as “sense of nativeness - engineering ethics - craftsman spirit - mission responsibility - consciousness of competing for the first”.

As a strongly comprehensive, practical and social discipline, the modern landscape architecture is guided by the cultivation of specialized leading talents, and with the reform of teaching mode as the breakthrough point, and by promoting the research-oriented teaching around the development of innovation ability, a talent training knowledge system with bachelor-master-doctor training has been established.

By emphasizing the guidance of scientific development of landscape architecture, highlighting the main courses of landscape architecture planning and design, and highlighting the core features of the development of design practice ability, the teaching reform has realized the in-depth integration of curriculum group and design core courses, realized the all-round penetration of digital technology into the teaching system, and promoted the synchronous development of students’ practice, innovation and research abilities.

Relying on the international education demonstration base, provincial comprehensive digital landscape training center, provincial urban and rural landscape digital technology engineering center and other experimental practical teaching platforms, based on the first-class teachers and students, first-class disciplinary support and professional platform, and first-class teaching resources, by integrating the discipline with school-enterprise cooperation resources and by strengthening the teaching characteristics of science and education cooperation, open environment and integration, and the whole research-learning process, a whole-process simultaneous moral and intellectual integration education system has been established to realize the construction, sharing and collaborative innovation of high-quality digital teaching resources and to create a global crossing and interfusing education platform with the integration of software and hardware.