This course mainly covers the basic knowledge, theories, philosophies, design principles, and methods related to building equipment, such as building water supply and drainage, building ventilation and air conditioning engineering, building fire protection, building electricity, building equipment construction drawing, etc. Students are required to master the relevant concepts of building equipment, the philosophies and methods of building equipment engineering design, understand the relationship between building equipment and the building, as well as its requirements on building design, and understand the design specifications and design skills for building equipment engineering so that the feasibility, economy and scientificity of building design can be improved.


Advanced Architectural Physics —— graduate

The purpose of this course is to enable students to develop an in-depth understanding of the composition of building heat and humidity environment, the theoretical basis of heat and mass transfer, as well as the computation principles of numerical simulation; understand the application of heat and humidity coupling simulation in the fields of building physics, heritage protection, etc., enabling students to master the basis for the programming calculation of heat and moisture transfer, and to improve their ability in quantitative analysis and research


History of Building Technology Development——graduate

The course is divided into two parts: the history of construction technology development and the history of building performance control technology development. The course covers the historical development, regional development, material development, construction mode development, equipment tool development, etc. of the construction and performance control in architectural design It aims to cultivate the students’ comprehensive and systematic views on construction and design, performance control technologies and architectural design methods, and their ability to control design with technical methods in the context of historical development.


Form Generation and Expression of Building Material, Construction and Structure –—— graduate

The course mainly covers the architectural design technologies and methods based on construction and performance objectives. Combined with the classical theory and method of architectural design based on form, the course helps to understand and grasp the methods of architectural form and space generation and expression, promote the combination of architectural technology and architectural history discipline with modern architectural design, so as to improve the overall level of architectural design creation.