Dr. Gong Kai is the Professor of Architecture Department of Southeast University, the registered first-class architect. He is the Director of Gong Kai Studio.

Dr. Gong graduated from the architectural department of Nanjing Institute of Technology in 1984 and got master degree of the architecture history and theory specialty from architectural department from Southeast University in 1987. Then he started his further studying at the Department of architecture, ETH-Zurich, Switzerland from 1993 to 1997.

His research interest mainly focused on “the Chinese tradition small village comparative research”, “the city space intensive turning and its integration design technique (National Nature Science Fund )”and etc. He has been awarded “Wuhu city planning”(The second award, Top choice award ),“Local revenue bureau office block design in Nanjing ”(The second award, Jiangsu Province)and etc.

Dr. Gong has many publications, such as the series of Anhui ancient architecture《Tang Yue》,《Zhan Qi》,《Yu Liang》,《Zhi Feng》,《Xiao Qi》(the South-East University Publishing Press) and etc.

Contact information:
School of Architecture, Southeast University
#2 Si Pai Lou, Nanjing, Jiangsu, China, 210096
Tel: +86 (25) 83795689
Email: gkstudio@vip.sina.com