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本期仁辉讲堂为东南大学122周年校庆系列学术讲座,由西班牙加泰罗尼亚理工大学巴塞罗那建筑学院院长Felix Solaguren-Beascoa教授主讲,采取线下的方式开展。


Trips and References

主讲人:Felix Solaguren-Beascoa


Travel is a fundamental tool in architecture. Is something that education promotes and must maintain. Travel provides references from the past and from other cultures that will be necessary for new realities. A famous architect once said that everything has already been invented. Another stated that the three rules of architecture are to copy, copy, and copy. A third one mentioned that the best works of architecture are found in libraries. 

Traveling becomes a fundamental class for new generations of architects. By traveling, one learns to observe. Is there anything more important in the training of the new architects?


Solaguren-Beascoa has been a Full Professor at the Department of Architectural Projects at ETSAB/UPC since March 2005, served as Director of the Department of Architectural Projects from 2004 to 2006, and has been Dean of ETSAB since 2017.
Solaguren-Beascoa has an extensive publication record. His recent works include "Carlos Martí Arís: Pensamiento y Arquitectura" (2024), "No Soc Artista; Només Soc Una Persona Que Pensa La Vida" (2022), and several contributions to congresses and journals such as "6º Congreso Pioneros de la Arquitectura Moderna Española" (2021), and "Reflexiones sobre los ensayos finalistas XI Bienal Iberoamericana de Arquitectura y Urbanismo" (2019). He has also authored significant books like "El Cubo de Stirling y otros textos de arquitectura" (2020), and "Plantas Bajas" (2012).
Solaguren-Beascoa has guided numerous doctoral theses on Nordic architecture, including "Interior-exterior en Arquitectura" (2023) and "Incidencia del Lugar en la obra de Arne Jacobsen" (2016).
He has also been a sought-after speaker at international conferences, presenting topics such as "Qué miraba Arne Jacobsen" at the International Conference on the History of Modern Architecture (2024) and being a keynote speaker at the Global Dean's Forum in Beijing (2023). His lectures span various prestigious venues, including the COAC conference series in Barcelona (2020) and Aarhus Townhall (2016).
In his professional practice, Solaguren-Beascoa continues to engage with significant architectural projects and research, maintaining a critical and innovative approach to the discipline.”