Renhui Forum | Paola Gazzola: From Land to Sea: Conceptualising the Marine Space





From Land to Sea: 

Conceptualising the Marine Space

Paola Gazzola

This lecture explores the ontological differences between built and marine environments from a spatial perspective, and reflects on the usefulness of the application of established ideas and theoretical underpinnings from land-based rationales to the marine environment, using spatial planning as the main reference. This reflection is done using an analytical framework informed by four interlinked deficiencies, namely disciplinary, conceptual, legitimacy and knowledge deficits. The lecture provides two main conclusions. First, as a built environment discipline and profession, planning must reassess the suitability of present approaches to marine spatial planning and provide innovative thinking to a complex and different potential area of planning theory and practice. Second, that marine spatial planning should develop its own responses to the particular needs of the marine environment and take into consideration influences from various disciplines and perspectives to ensure appropriate consideration of marine-based concerns. 



Dr Paola Gazzola is Reader in Environmental and Sustainability Assessment and Head of the School of Architecture, Planning and Landscape at Newcastle University, UK. Paola's research mainly focuses on exploring and understanding the role that context and environmental attitudes play in shaping and informing terrestrial and marine spatial planning policy and practice for sustainability. Specialized in strategic environmental assessment including terrestrial and marine spatial planning processes, constructs of understanding about the environment, and interactive relations between understanding and practice in these settings; Edited and published books in these areas; Published more than 30 papers and book chapters; Associate Fellow of the UK Higher Education Authority.