SEU/IDS Advanced Architectural Design Theory(Spring 2024)| The Architecture of Urban Culture: Design Thinking Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow



  The Architecture of Urban Culture:    Design Thinking Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow  

SEU/IDS Advanced Architectural Design TheorySpring 2024



Instructor: Prof. David Leatherbarrow

Coordinator: Prof. SHI Yonggao

Teaching Assistant: LI Mai

Venue: Asian Architectural Archive Center (Sipailou Campus of SEU)

Time: April 2 - May 21, Tuesday, 09:50-12:15 am

主讲:戴维·莱瑟巴罗 教授

协调人:史永高 教授

助教:李劢 博士生




Course Description | 课程描述

Insofar as cities throughout the world are growing in size and cultural importance, individuals entering the architecture profession must be prepared to approach the several tasks of urban architecture with understanding, confidence, and imagination.  Failure to grasp the challenge and opportunity of shaping urban culture will marginalize practice.  Most histories of modern architecture celebrate designs of small, rather isolated buildings, and criticize projects that proposed entire cities or large sections of them.  Less well studied, but quite possibly more relevant today, is the middle scale, at which the new architecture inaugurated urban transformation by example, not comprehensive design.


This seminar has a simple thesis: positive urban transformation can result from discordant insertions that prompt new developments, previously seen to be unlikely. We will examine and interpret urban projects built in cities throughout the world during the five middle decades of the 20th century.  Spatial techniques will occupy our attention, as will concepts and theories articulated by designers.  But no less important will be concerns of common culture: social justice, intelligent use of natural resources, and appropriate, legible, and beautiful form.


Schedule | 日程安排

 Instructor | 主讲教师

Professor David Leatherbarrow is a scholar and professor in the theory and history of architecture, with specific emphasis on their contribution to architectural design. He teaches in the Internationalization Demonstration School of Architecture, Southeast University. Since 1984 he has also been teaching at the University of Pennsylvania. Within history, theory, and design, he is known internationally for his contributions to ideas and historical developments of architectural design, gardens and landscapes, and, most recently, on the impact of contemporary technology on architecture. All of David Leatherbarrow’s work in scholarship examines two essential problems or topics in architectural design: the architectural site (landscape or urban) and architectural construction. These two topics are unavoidably commonplace in contemporary design practice. They are also in need of reconsideration, in light of changes in contemporary culture and society. To date David Leatherbarrow has published 12 scholarly books and over one hundred and twenty scholarly articles. In addition to his scholarship, Leatherbarrow is highly respected internationally as an educator, having won numerous awards for his teaching, the most recent of which is the 2020 Topaz Medallion awarded by AIA/ACSA, the highest honor given to an educator in architecture.