Name: Zhu Yandong
Honorary Title
Professional Title:  associate professor and postgraduate advisor for the School of Architecture, Southeast University
Year of Award
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Research direction: theory and practice of TOD planning and design, comprehensive transportation planning, transportation hub planning and design, rail transit planning and design, special traffic planning, etc.

Zhu Yandong obtained the master’s degree of engineering in Transportation Planning and Management from Tongji University in 2002 and joined the faculty of School of Transportation at Southeast University; obtained the doctorate degree of engineering in Transportation Engineering at Southeast University in 2008 and joined the faculty of School of Architecture at Southeast University. His main research directions are land use and traffic planning, traffic system planning and design, etc. He served as the Head of the Studio for Excellent Traffic Professor at Architects & Engineers Co., Ltd. of Southeast University and Environment Design Center, and concurrently served as the Director of Hefei Traffic Research Center.

In terms of course teaching, he is responsible for the teaching of undergraduate courses of Urban and Rural Road and Traffic Planning I,Urban and Rural Road and Traffic Planning II,Overall Planning of Space of National Land (Traffic Part) and postgraduate course of  Traffic Hub Planning and Design. He has guided the students to win more than 10 awards in student competitions.

In terms of horizontal scientific research, he has successively presided over the planning and design of more than 100 major engineering projects, including TOD Research, national land space planning for comprehensive transportation, planning and design of large-scale transportation hub, planning and design of rail transit, special planning for transportation, etc. He has been awarded 5 national excellent awards for urban and rural planning and design, 12 provincial and ministerial awards.

In terms of vertical scientific research, he has successively presided over or participated in the completion of 6 national scientific research subjects, 6 provincial and ministerial scientific research subjects, and 1 international cooperative scientific research subject. He has edited or co-edited 3 works and published more than 20 academic papers.