Name: Chen Ye
Honorary Title
Professional Title: professor and postgraduate advisor for the School of Architecture, Southeast University, and department vice director of Department of Landscape Architecture
Year of Award
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Research direction: Planning and Design of Landscape Architecture,Recreation and Landscape Architecture, Digital Landscape

Chen Ye,Winner of the second national landscape architecture professional degree graduate education advanced worker; Winner of the Xu Shanglong scholarship. Presided over and participated in 10 provincial and ministerial education reform projects; 1 National virtual reality undergraduate course; Three courses of undergraduate and graduate course design and theory; Guide students to win 6 national and provincial competition awards. Visited many universities in Europe, the United States, Australia and Japan.

Research interests include planning and design of Landscape Architecture, recreation planning and architecture design in landscape, digital landscape and its technology, landscape environmental behavior and psychology, etc. Presided over 1 general project of NSFC and participated in 2; Presided over and participated in nearly 100 engineering practice projects such as architectural design, landscape planning and design, urban design and urban planning. Engineering practice has won the first prize at the national level for 3 times and the first prize at the provincial and ministerial level for 4 times; 3 works, including 1 teaching material for civil engineering discipline planning of the Ministry of housing and urban rural development in the 13th five year plan and 1 national key book publication in the 12th Five Year Plan;

As one of the main principals, it has built a world-class digital landscape teaching and scientific research platform and continued to build an international laboratory with high quality, systematization and characteristics. The digital landscape Laboratory of Southeast University has been approved as Jiangsu digital landscape environment comprehensive training center (2015) and Jiangsu urban and rural and landscape Digital Technology Engineering Center (2016). The platform architecture has formed the methodology system and teaching experimental conditions of all field and series digital landscape research.