Name: Li Hua
Honorary Title
Professional Title: Professor and PhD Supervisor, and Deputy Director of Institute of Architectural History and Theory
Year of Award
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Research direction: Architectural Theory, History of Modern Chinese Architecture

Li Hua, PhD of Architectural Association School of Architecture. Member of Academic Board of Architectural Culture, Member of Media and Communication Committee and Member of Architectural Criticism Committee, Architecture Society of China; Committee Member of Docomomo China; Member of UIA Work Programme on ‘Public Spaces’. She is the Deputy Director of AS Research Centre of Architectural Theory, Deputy-Chief Editor of The Architect (journal) and Board member of New Architecture (journal).  

Li Hua’ s main research interest is on the relationship between architecture and modernity with particular concerns about formation of architectural knowledge, ‘translation’ and ‘re-interpretation’ of architectural discourse in different culture contexts, and architecture as a modern practice in China since the 1950s. She has published more than 40 essays in Chinese and English; coordinates and co-orgainses the series activities of AS Forum of Contemporary Architectural Theory, including the international symposia, compilation of the book series Architecture Study, and translation and publication of the books from English to Chinese under the umbrella of AS Readings of Contemporary Architectural Theories; co-directs the design research programmes and design studio on city-architecture, whose outcomes gained several awards; and curates and participates several exhibitions at Shanghai, Nanjing, Shenzhen and Venice. She was invited to lecture at academic institutes in China, the UK, Sweden, Japan, Spain etc.