Name: Jia Tingli
Honorary Title
Professional Title: Associate Professor of School of Architecture, Southeast University
Year of Award
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Research direction: chinese architectural history and theory

Jia Tingli, as a Doctor and a Lecturer, is also a member of Chinese Society of the Forbidden City. She is mainly occupied in Chinese architectural history and theory research as well as heritage protection. 

 She teaches many courses including history of architecture II, graphic reading, survey and measurement to architecture and architectural design, participating in the completion of curriculum group of “on the history of architecture” course, which is one the curriculum groups released by Southeast University. 

  In recent years, she has focused on the research into history of Chinese ancient city, especially city wall defense system. She has led “research on construction of city walls of Ming and Qing Dynasties of China by taking city walls with application for World Heritage as its object” of projects funded by National Natural Science Foundation of China for young scientists. In addition, she has participated in topics of national key R&D program during 13th Five-Year plan and many scientific research projects at national, ministerial and provincial level such as National Natural Science Foundation. She has published more than 10 academic papers and taken part in the completion of more than 10 practices related to protection of remaining heritage and architectural design.