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Zhu Dan, born in 1974, graduated from the School of Design, Nanjing University of the Arts. She has a bachelor’s degree in industrial design and a master’s degree in design art. She is now a professional teacher of the Institute of Art of the School of Architecture of Southeast University, Secretary of the Art Sub-Committee of Architecture Sub-Committee of the Ministry of Education’s Steering Committee on the Teaching of Architecture, and member of the Education Committee of Interior Design Society of Nanjing. Her professional research directions are teaching research of furniture design and public art design, human engineering and visual psychology, visual design basis and architecture representation, etc. 

She published ten professional books including Sketch Tutorial for Architecture Majors, Architecture Design Sketch with Watercolors, Design on Furniture and Fittings, Human Engineering and Environment Design. Her personal paintings have been selected in the Venice International Architecture Biennale for teachers of architecture discipline in Chinese institutions of high level education for twice. She participated in many scientific research projects, such as Analysis and Control of Urban Overlook Landscape Based on Visual Perception, Colorscape Guidelines of Nanjing, Study on Color planning of central urban area of Wanzhou District, Research on the Innovation of Art Colleges from the Perspective of Interdisciplinary, etc. She has published nearly ten papers in the journals of Architecture & Culture, Art Panorama, Hundred Schools in Arts, Architecture, Furniture Interior Design, etc. She guided her students to win gold and bronze prizes in the National Art Competition for Architectural and Environmental Major for many times, and guided students to win the 2016 China Interior Design Institute Award for their interior design works.