Name: Shen Ying
Honorary Title
Professional Title: lecturer,deputy director
Year of Award
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Research direction: environmental art design, environmental aesthetics

Shen Ying graduated from the School of Design, Nanjing Arts Institute in 1999. In 2002, she graduated from Frank Mohr Institute in the Netherlands with a Master's Degree in Art majoring in Interactive Media and Environment; in 2004, she graduated from the Design Academy Eindhoven in the Netherlands with a Master's Degree in Design majoring in Experience Design. At the end of the same year, she entered the School of Architecture, Southeast University to be a teacher. She mainly teaches the courses of Art and Media and is engaged in practice and research of environmental art design, environmental aesthetics and other aspects.


Education: Double Master

Professional experience: Since the end of 2004, teaching in the School of Architecture of Southeast University

Selected Publications

A Lecture of Expression Method of Fast Design---- Fast Expression Method of Pen, Phoenix Science Press, 2008

Outsider Art Sourcebook, Shanghai University Publishing House Co., Ltd. 2013, The Second Translator, Translate 200,000 words

The Bauhaus Group: Six Masters of Modernism, China Machine Press, 2013, The Second Translator, Translate 200,000 words

Architectural Aesthetics Teaching Experiment, Phoenix Science Press, 2014 

Sketch Tutorial for Architecture Majors, Phoenix Science Press, 2014, The Second Author

Southeast University----Visual Design of International Joint Teaching, Co-author, Shaanxi People's Fine Arts Publishing House, 2019

Selected Articles and Book Chapters

“Recircle” project in Mailto, Fabrica design center, Italy, 2003

Marry me project, Frame, 2005

False Flat: Current Dutch Interior Design, Interior Design + Construction, 2006.9

Stay calm: Yksi Design Group, Interior Design + Construction, 2007

Material Sense: Experience Design of Material, Interior Design + Construction, 2008.12

Content and Spirit: The Subject of Form, Architecture & Culture, 2009.10

Recognition on Now: Notes on Contemporary Architecture and Esthetics, Architecture & Culture, 2011.1

A Perspective Expression, Architecture & Culture, 2012.9

Moving Image Experiment in Environment-Behavior Research and Design of Public Space, Conference Paper of International Society of Environmental Behavior, 2014

Longitudinal scientific research

National Natural Science Youth Foundation of China, Study on Optimization Method of Living Space Design for Offshore Platform Based on Quantitative Evaluation of Psychological Comfort (6501000118), 2018, Third participant

Research on Experimental Public Space Device with Machine as Theme(2019SJA0380), General Research Projects of Philosophy and Social Sciences in Colleges and Universities, 2019, Third participant

Selected projects

Color planning of central urban area of Wanzhou District, Chongqing, 2018, Second Person in Charge

The Principle of Color Control in Qinhuai District, 2018, Second Person in Charge

Color control planning of Liuhe City, 2016, Second Person in Charge

Colorscape Guidelines of Nanjing, 2015, Second Person in Charge

Preliminary Expansion Plan of Jingyuetan Training Center of Changchun Local Taxation Bureau, 2009, Main participant

Huangshan State Grid Communication Building Scheme Design, 2010, Main participant

Planning and Architectural Design of Wanfo Lake Project of Anhui Lu'an Shucheng Power Supply Company, 2010, Main participant

Nanjing Mufu mountain Damo landscape design project, 2010, Participant

Changzhou Qingguo Lane architectural landscape design project, 2011, Participant


2002, Grogan Art Exhibition Hall, Netherlands, The Cave Project

2004, Philips Design headquarters, Netherlands, Marry me Project

2005, Annual Conference of Contemporary Jewelry in Holland, Salone del Mobile Design Exhibition, Milan, Italy

2006, Exit Festival, France

2008.1, 60th Anniversary Design Exhibition of Design Academy Eindhoven, “The Family of Form”

2008.9, 11th Venice Architecture Biennale, Single Town Item in “Out there: Architecture Beyond Building”